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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Esby, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Esby

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    Here is a little side project I was asked to do. Basically it included clearing out 150' of lake shore property as the customer was building a house on the lot. The majority of the lot was already cleared as it was formally a farm field. I was incharge of the 30'x150' section along the lake. All trees diameter<4in were removed. Along with all grasses, bushes, brush and two barbed wire fences. The trees were trimmed up to 10'. They wanted to be able to see the lake, and utilize their newly purchased lake shore. This took a total of 13 man hours. This before picture was taken from nearly the same spot at the "after"(notice the branch at the top of the picture in both photos)

    ringdahl-b1-look at a1.jpg
  2. Esby

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  3. lawncare3

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    Looks Great.

    Good job. :) :)
  4. Gravely_Man

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    I gosh it looks like you had a road gang go through there! That is a huge difference. What did you use to make it happen?

  5. John Gamba

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  6. sbvfd592

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    That looks grate i take it they dident whant to spend the $$$$ on leaval out to the tree line and new grass? and some of those trees could come out but it looks awsome man
  7. Lawn Specialties

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    Awsome work man. It's amazing the difference you made in 13 hours.
  8. mdb landscaping

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    looks great...big improvement. if i was the take out half the trees, and trim the other ones up another 15-20 ft. definately an improvement over what you started with.
  9. the gravely man

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    Gravely_Man: Looks like a job for the old model L and the 30 inch mower;)
  10. Esby

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    We used 3 chain saws and a brush trimmer. It went pretty smoothly but it was a far cry from sitting on the Lazer. It was a lot of muscle work to get it all out of there and into piles. As far as doing more than what we did, this is exactly what he wanted done at the time, and nothing more. I think eventually he will have us back to level it out and take out additional trees, but his house was only half built at the time. He just wanted to get the majority of the clearing done. This way he can sort through, now that it is cleared, and see which trees he wants to keep. A lot of this will depend on where he puts his dock and boat lifts. I also advised him not to take out too many in order to preserve the natural shoreline. You can also see in the "after" picture the wonderful/giant boudlers he has along his shore line. He mentioned plans for removing them and using them for his landscaping near the new house. A few of them are the size of a mid-size car. Here is one of three piles we made. He applied for a burning permit and took care of the waste.


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