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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Frogballs, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Well my previous posts uncovered my failure, thought more was better and the rye smothered the KBG when I planted my new lawn last year. Almost ZERO KBG pop, so this year the Lawn Solutions Revitilizer is on it's way in a couple weeks for some renovation/addition of KBG. I still have a 15-20% coverage of various broadleaf to smoke out before seeding. What recommendations can you guys provide for herbicide treatment in the first step in eradication with seeding in 2-4 weeks and the seeding process? Temps have come down to a high of 82 this week finally and I am in the Northeast. There is Buckhorn Plantain, POA Annua, Ground Ivy and very little Yellow Nutsedge. Also what seed would be best used in the process?
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    Riggle did a thread that demonstrated which broadleaf chems really didn't hurt th new seeding... I am starting to seed now and will wait till OCT for weeds to help ensure a good kill... In 'Fall" seeding, use only your perennial mix w/out any AR at all...
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    Maybe this should have been posted in the renovation area... What brand other than Lesco is out there for seed? I wasn't that happy with the KBG species they carry.
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    Shop around in the higher end sales stores... I personally think that the cultural practices of the various grasses means a lot more than the varieties of the specialty stuff... you may need to get the specialty stuff, off the net... :)
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    My suggestion: hurry, spray your broadleafs now. Use Trimec or something similar, now. Mow short. Sow your seed in about 2 weeks--late August. Unless you are seeding into bare soil, Kentucky bluegrass may not establish well. Slow germination. It suffers from crowd-out from whatever grass you have already. (You said mostly rye). Sorry.
    Top-quality perennial ryes like Silverdollar and Uno are a good bet.
    You may wish to try seedsuperstore. For Kentucky bluegrass, Bedazzled, Bewitched, and Midnight are good bets. Be sure the grass has good disease resistance. If they don't mention disease resistance--assume it will get diseased. Be alert for subtle signs of low quality seed, if the description says, "old standby" or "mixes well" forgetaboutit.

    If you want the best lawn in town, kill the old and get sod. If you want the best lawn in the county--get Yankee Stadium sod from Delea brothers sod farm.
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    I don't know what KBG cultivars Lesco has in your area, but if you did 50% Midnight or midnight type (eg, Courtyard), and 25% of two other newer elite KBG cultivars (ie, not Kenblue or the other cheap stuff), you will be a happy camper. I'm assuming you have good sun exposure. With that much weed cover and a lot of p.ryegrass you don't like anyway, I'd be tempted to kill it all (Roundup) in September and start from scratch with an all KBG turf. You still have some hot days ahead of you in CT, so I would wait to 9/15 at the earliest. Riggle is right about the the Yankee stadium sod, it has a great mix of KBG cultivars, but if I recall correctly it also does have a fair amount of PRyegrass for wear tolerance, which I could do without personally on a home lawn.

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