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    I had a worker up from valeho California (severe ghettos) to make a better environment for his kids and he was amazed at all the people on about every other corner begging, he said that DOES NOT EXIST where he's from because people either hustle or grab a gun. It only exists where bleeding heart liberals enable them by giving them money.

    There are sooo many govt. assistance programs, that you gotta be pretty far gone to become absolutely homeless. I know there are some extenuating circumstances out there, but you can get a studio apt for $400-500 and your $800 car doesn't need $3000 worth of rims etc...

    I don't mean to rant, I've even needed govt. help when I was younger, in my early 20's and worked at gas stations and pizza shops and lost my job. but I had a crappy $800/month job because of desisions that I made in school and in life that could have been avoided if Id've listened to my parents/teachers etc...

    I had a guy say he's homeless and wanted to get his girlfreind some food and my father in law asked why he didn't go to the mission up the street and get both food and shelter? he said because they weren't married they wouldn't let them share a room and he couln't be away from his GF for that long.......SERIOUSLY??!! you chose your GF at night over your abillity to eat friggin live with it!!
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    The other day, for the first time, I saw a guy holding a sign that said, "looking for honest work." He was actually dressed in work clothes.

    Before I started my own company this spring, I actually tried to get a job. At first, I was looking for something that paid close to what I made working at the mill before the downsize: about $20/hr.

    LOL. That wasn't happening. I kept lowering my expectations and sending in applications, trying to play the numbers game. I finally decided to apply for anything, including minimum wage to start. When I didn't hear back from those jobs, I decided to gamble with starting my own business.

    I'd always read that new businesses suffer an 85% failure rate in the first year, and was trying to avoid that. But in this economy, any job is a gamble.

    Times are tough right now. More beggars than ever. More desperate people than ever.

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