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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rbig, Jul 27, 2007.

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    I'm working with a 6 acre church campus that has lots of trees, curbs, bldgs, etc. All need constant and frequent edging and trimming for neat appearance.

    I've finally figured out the way to go is probably using herbicide for border control.

    New to this part, so my question is: are there concentrated herbicides commonly available we can cut with water to provide more juice? Reason I ask is that, if we have to buy it in gallon containers at Home Depot, Lowes, etc, it's going to get expensive fast.

    So, what's the least expensive way to go, here?
  2. Ric

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    Since you are in Florida you need a Limited Pesticide License to apply any herbicide to property that you do not live on.

    Contact your local County Extension Agent to see when their next class is.


    You can go to Home Cheapo and buy Roundup and spray it illegal like all the other Jack Legs.
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    Hi rbig. It depends if you're talking broadleafed weeds or grassy weeds. Use a "Roundup product" for grasses. Use an ester herbicide for broadleaves. Keep in mind that once you kill these weeds off, you will have a "brown look" on all your edges. I highly recommend going to your nearest LESCO dealer for advise & products to use locally. Keep in mind if you're talkin' bare spots & thin will always have weed pressure. St. Augustine & Bermuda require sun -- so landscaping might be needed in shade areas. Again, I recommend visiting LESCO. Good luck.:cool2:
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    Read the question and understand what the Man is asking. He is looking for ornamental bed weed control and not Turf weeds. Unlike flyover country, Florida demands a act of congress to get certified to kill dandelions in the turf. Therefore he can not buy a license for turf application at his local drug store like you did. Fines for unlicensed application can start at $ 5,000.00
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    do like ric said go to the cty extension
    probably take a 6 hr class get limited use lic ( 4 gal pack back use)
    and then go to lesco/john deere landscapes

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