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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by GreenLeaf-Sam, May 8, 2008.

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    I'm sort of new to the lawn care business, and I need some input.

    I was basically wondering what mechanism to use in order to price lawns.

    When you all do a weekly maintenance trip to a house, what services do you include, at what general prices? I'm talking mowing, trimming (weed whacking), blowing, etc ... all that should be standard in 'maintenance' trip. What's your starting rate, how do you know when to add more, or take away from the price?

    Also, how much do you charge for JUST a cut? Meaning, no other courtesy services?

    Average lawn size in my town is at least an acre of actual grass (cutting surface) and it's an upper class town.

    Looking forward to some replies! Have a good day.
  2. hardatworknc

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    There are plenty of posts on this site covering just this topic. It's really going to depend on how good a job you do and how long it takes you. Someone doing it solo can't knock a job out as quickly as 2-3 guys. As far as telling how much you should charge per yard: experience. You'll learn which yards you've lost money on and which ones you've made money on and you'll adjust from there. Finally its all going to depend on your part of the country and how many competitors you have. We charge $30 for a 1/8, $45 for 1/4 and $60 for a 1/2. Don't waste your time with doing just a cut. Make your client realize that paying just a little extra is worth you trimming and cleaning up the site. Makes it worth your time to go out there.
  3. bohiaa

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    decide where you want to go....

    there are a lot of co's who just do mow and blow....

    personaly I WILL NOT take a mow and blow.... I MUST DO everything or I wont take them. I include, pest and insect control, Get yor self a "LIST OF SERVICES" to give to the customer. and allways include BLOWING OFF AC COMPRESSOR... <--- they love that.
    tell them that you will trim anything that will strike your head. low limbs of corse.
    let them know if a limb hits your head it will also strike anyone else.

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