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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by KingSteveTTC, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. KingSteveTTC

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    Been trolling these forums for a while now and am looking for a little advice.

    I'm 18 and have been mowing 2-3 lawns a weeks for the past 4 years. This year, I've decided to expand. I'm looking for some advice as to which materials are necessary in starting a small-scale "landscaping company." What are skills that are often asked for that I should learn etc.

    Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  2. progressivelawncare

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    get insurance

    get licensed

    do the best quality work in your area

    the rest will find you.
  3. NonCore

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    I'm also considering starting a small operation. Where in North Carolina can I research licensing requirements? Thanks i advance for any help it will be appreciated.
  4. Paulup

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    I'm not 100% on it, but I'm pretty sure in NC you don't need a license to mow lawns.

    I would visit your secretary of state's website, and get the forms to form an LLC if you plan to operate solo. After you get that, go to and get your EIN. Then get Insurance.

    Once you're legal, decide what kind of investment you are willing to put into your business. If you plan to do a lot of yards, and stuff bigger then a quarter/half acre, look into a ZTR, otherwise a good walk behind should do the trick.

    If you went with the ZTR, get a push mower, people have gates and often ditches too steep to ride your mower on, the 21" will prove valuable.

    You will also need a Trimmer and Blower, most will recommend Stihl and/or Redmax, personally I would go with whichever has the best dealer support close to you.

    Edgers are not always a must, but if concrete drives/walkways are common in your neck of the woods, pick up a good one.

    The miscellaneous stuff that every LCO needs: Gas cans, tools, truck(and trailer, unless you have a strong back, very strong if you're loading a rider), trash can, wheel barrow, broom, tie downs for all of the above, business cards, invoices, fliers, and above all else, a strong work ethic.

    I'm sure i left some crucial information off the list, so use the search function and read through the thousand other threads about what you need for starting out.
  5. NonCore

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    Thanks Paul,
    I appreciate the information.
  6. BillyRgn

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    if you have been cutting 2-3 lawns a week you have enough equipment to start doing more, don't invest in anymore equipment until you cannot handle it with the equipment you have. i see to many people go out and buy all sorts of equipment to start a business, and then they are out of business in a couple of months because the can not only afford what they bought or financed, but they don't even have the money to eat. i started when i was 15with a 21in push mower, string trimmer, handheld blower, before the end of the year i was overwhelmed doing about 15 lawns a week so i bought a 48in exmark walk-behind and in the fall a Shindiawa backpack to handle the accounts. Then the following year i hand my license and doubled to about 30 lawns so in the fall i bought a 10 hp blower to handle the clean ups, it wasn't't until i was 18 that i bought my first ztr because i was up at about 45 lawns a week and still had to finish high school. Then last year i was 20 and bought another business to expand i was then at 85 accounts + a condo every week so i picked up a second truck, ztr, push blower, and a leaf sucker to handle it all. My point, don't buy equipment until you need it. the only reason to own what you have is to consistently use it everyday, i have seen people buy everything i have to start a business, and then they wonder why they don't have any money. so i hoped this helped and good luck to you,
  7. KGR landscapeing

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    one guy gave me this advice along time ago. don't invest in anymore equipment until you cannot handle it with the equipment you have. that was the worst advice i had ever been given. because when something fails your toast. most people forget that it always breaks in the middle of the job. Learn how to fix your own equipment. things break all the time and if you have to pay 80 bucks an hour to get it fixed ull be so far in the hole you will have to dig down to get out.
  8. progressivelawncare

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    for pesticide apps and fertilizer jobs.

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