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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Captain K, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Captain K

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    Hi!! My name is Kevin, I'm 32 yrs. old and from Thailand...I've been living in the U.S. for actually about all my life....I have a wife and one 12 yrs. old daughter and 2 family dogs. Now, I'm living in Kansas and want to get starting in a Lawn Care Business (mowing, maintenance, pond and waterfall..)Never, really work for any company before...the only job that I really have done is being a chef for 12 yrs. but lawn care is what I love to get into....I'm not looking for a free hand out from anyone but I just need good advice from all you pro's. I have this 1 friend that pretty much has a truck, trailer, blower, weed eater, one scac riding lawn mower and one Honda push lawn mower. He has all the equipment but not using it to make money...So he asked me to start working with him and everything between him and I are 50/50. One of my neighbors is willing to help me out with designing our business logo, business cards, letter heads, door hangers and shirts. As for me the only lawn that I really have done is my own lawn and I also have done a total of 7 ponds and waterfalls for friends and family for free just for the passion and love of it. So to me this is the best place for advice that i found for lawn care. First place I want to start out is by making my own lawn presentable for customers to see. I have the love, passion, heart, motivation, pride and quality to do Lawn Care. So please guide me in all the right directions from your guys experience where, when and how to get clients and bids. This is what i really want to do for a living. Its easy to wake up in the morning but its hard to really wake up and say/know what you really want to do for the rest of your life, but i woke up and found mine and a Lawn Care Business is what I really want to do. Thank you for whom is taking their time to read and respond with your advice of how I can make this happen...
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    don't quit your day job --not being a smart a$$ or anything but with the grass not growing from heat-drought I've been sitting on my a$$ with nothing to do for the last 3 weeks this equals $0.00 for the bank account even the landscaping end of it has been very slow just lots of looky loo's that don't want to pay
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    Kevin, you may want to start out part time by yourself if you already have a job. A partnership may work out for you, but for some there are problems. Start in your own neighborhood by using door hangers and talking to the people in your neighborhood. I got most of my first jobs when I was walking my dog. When talking to people, I would let them know I did lawn work and would give them a business card and flyer. Always carry business cards and a brochure explaining your services. Other than that, just read the past posts on this webside.
  4. Captain K

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    Not really plan on quiting my day job...My schedule with the job is 5 hours a day and can go to work anytime that I want so I have all the free time to do this....Thank you...
  5. Captain K

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    thank you for your advice and I'll do that...Most of my neighbor probaby think I am crazy anyway because I am alway out side doing work on my lawn from day one I move in...So, I'll start in my neighborhood...
  6. punt66

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    Absolutely do not go into a partnership. Do it on your own. Its not hard to do.

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