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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by pdplawncare, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. pdplawncare

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    My friends and I are 16 and starting a summer lawn care business and had a quick question.

    We have looked around alot to see how to price a lawn. I have found some good information, but I wanted a personal answer.

    We would mainly be working on residential lawns, so not very large ones. Mainly the houses in neighborhoods and such that have a small front lawn and a mediocre back yard.

    We want to start making flyers and advertise price on there. We wanted to know how much we should charge for the lawns.

    Should we offer mowing as the base price, then if the people want edging/trimming/weed whacking we would just add that on?

    Any responses will be much appreciated, thanks
  2. Paulup

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    How many square feet are you talking about? Small to me is 1 acre, because in my area its the smallest yard around. I would say "lawn service starting at XXXX per cut" or something along those lines. Giving a flat price("lawn service for $35 a week") will get you in a bind real fast. Bid every job for what you feel it is worth, and the only reason I would ever quote a general price for an area is if it was a cookie cutter neighborhood with equal size lots and houses all through it.
  3. pdplawncare

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    Well thats the thing, it is a "cookie cutter" neighborhood. Hopefully we can expand but for right now that is the easiest for us.

    Thats why i was thinking, a flat price for lawn, and then adding on for extras (edging, weed whacking)

    Or is that the wrong route?
  4. RonB

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    Around here basic service is cut, trim, edge and blow. I do it every visit and every customer. Extras would be stuff like hedge trimming, aerating, fert, etc.
  5. Yater

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    A basic mow includes trimming ("weed wacking"), edging, and blowing afterward. The lawn would look like crap otherwise.
  6. pdplawncare

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    Oh, alright. Like I said, I really have no idea about all the specifics. I just want a rough outline of what to base prices off of.
  7. pdplawncare

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    The problem is that because of our inexperience right now, I dont think we should lay fertilizer or anything yet. Just stick to mowing, and the other basics.
  8. F3Nelson

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    He cant legally get paid to "lay" fertilizer(without a license) unless the laws are different in his state.

    You get caught doing that and its a pretty big fine.

    Somehow the term "weed wacking" still makes me snicker, I much prefer the term trimming.
  9. RonB

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    Fert I considered an extra. Don't offer it if you don't want too.

    As for price, who knows. If you don't know the going rate for the size lawns you're going for in your area - you need to ask! I'm sure you know someone that has lawn service, ask them.

    You said, My friends and I are starting a business .. ", are one of you going to be the boss .. or all the boss?

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