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    Like starting all things new , learning sure is painful .make most of the mistakes and jobs are going better .had to do 12 jobs over due to not keeping material mixed properly , had a plastic tote which i kept materials in tried to keep mixed with trash pump but clay settles on bottom tried stiring while pump ran didn't work well not a good mix .paddles are the only way to mix properly . Bought a 550 tank trailer - Neal - really does the job . had a hard and messy time transferring from tote to spray unit on truck this unit eliminated this major problem . Bought a 110 gal sprayer from Asphalt Kingdom this is a better way to go than building your own .if your going to be in business and use on daily basis buy your first one you will have knowledge later to build one if you want . but later you will find it is best to buy a proven unit . price wont be as important as reliability i have unit in back of pick-up and works great for drive ways and driving on yards .a trailer with unit mounted would be very hard for me to work with . i use by 550 trailer unit with self contained sprayer to do larger jobs . i have one helper i am interested in church size lots . Commercial jobs with traffic are a little to much you have build up experience and skills . i have done churches ,subway,nursing home .dentist office -these are the type you should do a first . was involved with a Save a Lot job with a experience seal coater it was a nite-mare with traffic ,shopping center traffic ,busy days store owner would restrict where we could seal ,striping and handicap a nite - mare . stay away from these hit traffic jobs this are good for you competitor to spend his short window of time on . we did over 125 jobs the first year when we would go into a neighborhood wold always do 4-5 other drives . it is important to have good looking trucks and equipment, people will stop and want estimates if you look respectable and clean . buy a sprayer and compressor and paint your truck it does have to be perfect its a work truck as careful as i am still get seal coat on it and it needs touched up every year any how .have had a lot of expense i wasn't planing on need to buy 2 wheel torch , lawn edger converted with wire brush to clean cracks 10x12 trailer , $1000 crack filler bought twice burned first one up (told you learning hurts) weed trimmers , wands tips , tape ,paint brushes , brush box, rags , drinks , crack filler .THE GAS PUMP WILL KILL YOU . stay local 40 miles is a stretch DO NOT DO JOBS WITH PEOPLE WHO DON'T SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH ,HAVE A GOOD WELL WRITTEN CONTRACT WITH PAYMENT TERMS ,HAVE A GOOD CONTRACT THAT YOU CAN USE FOR PROPERTY LIENS FOR NON PAYMENT .the money we get for a tank of sealer goes to buy next tank got to have money at completion question buyer a make sure when exactly and how payment will be make write on contact clearly (NO QUESTION ON HOW AND WHEN YOU WILL BE PAYED . make sure everyone knows what cracks are to be filled have all party s present at this discussion -hair line cracks are the problem here i put an contract all 3/8 larger will be filled and i go around alligator cracks. Don't go into this broke ,one thing leads to another you cant stay a one spot .i started just wanting to do drives alone being retired i thought this would be great . 15,000 20,000 later with a 95 truck 550 tank trailer ,10 x 12 trailer ,insurance ,phone book . internet site here i am . sorry to tell you you can't make a living at this unless you double up on money and workers and size of jobs .the money is not there ,this is seasonal . i made good money ,the work is very hard and hours extreme ,but i like it , jobs really look nice when were done ,we drink ,eat good food ,and have a good time . Spraying garage doors ,concrete has been a problem i put a shut off at the end of wand this has really helped i have a clean up kit ready for these problems , wire brush ,white rags water ,a special cleaner My OWN MIX that really works sell for 18.00 a gallon will take off painted surface and concrete at time of accident . some how shut off would open on ground (moving hose )or a mistake ( things happen get stupid sometimes ) second shut off gives be complete control when IM ready to spray . so do the math 100 jobs drives some commercial average 100.00 -150.00 job gas expense worker etc can work only from may to Oct . retired /second income good deal hope this will help


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