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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grassguy08, Mar 3, 2009.

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    i was wondering if someone could layout exactly what i need to do to be legit in ohio. I will be the only worker and only doing residential and small commercial property's. i just need someone to give me step by step. thanks
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    grassguy - are you talking mowing only, or doing herbicide and fert apps?

    If mowing only, you may want to check on a biz license if your municipality/county/state requires it. I would guess probably not though. You will want to pick up GL coverage to save your own behind, and probably business auto coverage as well.

    If you plan on doing fert/squirts - you will need to be licensed as a Commercial Pest. Applicator by paying the fee, taking the exams (and passing), and doing continuing ed as specified by your state. You may also need a separate Fert license. You will need to update your GL to reflect your operations (with fert/squirt, your GL cost will go up quite a bit).

    If sales tax applies to your operation (as specified by your state), you will want to make sure you file for a tax ID and collect at the right %. See if you need to make quarterly payments or not, there should be thresholds to determine this.

    Also, determine if you will need to make quarterly income tax payments. Again, thresholds will apply. Generally, if you have another job (or wife does) and the withholding will cover your biz, you should not need to make quarterly payments.

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