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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by capt.craig, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. capt.craig

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    I'm being out bidded on several new accounts Ive bid on. I'm from southern Ontario and figure I must be bidding on to many cuts per season. I bid on a 26 cut per season thinking this would include clean ups and some extras. i have only been doing this for 2 years and feel I haven't been in the business long enough to average out my cuts per year. Do you think 26 cuts per season is to much in this area? i feel this is the only way i could have gone wrong in my estimating. thanks Craig
  2. primecutmo

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    from SWMO
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    im in sw missouri and i average 28 cut a year. you may be a little high where you are.
  3. Expert Lawns

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    I average 28 cuts here in Michigan
  4. snowmizer

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    i bid for 27 cuts in western,NY
  5. Krimick

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    I'm around Lake Simcoe, Ontario, so I would assume we have a pretty similar cutting season. Actually, yours may even have a couple of more weeks then mine.

    If your 26 cuts is including Clean-ups and some extra's like you said, and you are cutting weekly without skipping any weeks, then I don't think you are over-estimating the amount of cuts in your bid.

    I average 22 cuts per season, excluding clean-ups, but I think you might get an earilier start than I do. My first cut of the season (avg. over last 6 years) is almost always during the 2nd week of May (8th-15th)
  6. capt.craig

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    Kirmick it sounds like we are about the same I stared cutting the first week of May last year, cut every week till Sept. 3 times in Sept . 3 times in oct. but thought that maybe last year was the extreme because of all the rain. I figured that the 26 cuts would include the spring and fall clean ups without adding an additional charge in for them. thanks craig
  7. Krimick

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    For me, I use 22 weeks as my base when coming up with a bid. Clean-ups are aslo included but at an additional cost. I normally only cut 2 times in October, and I know that during the hot-dry part of July and August, I will skip atleast 1, hopefully 2 weeks.

    I think that using 26 weeks isn't too much for coming up with a quote, especially since your including Spring and Fall clean-ups.

    It's possible that your competitor (s) may have submitted a bid that had weelky cutting in May - June and bi-weekly cutting during July - August - September, if they did this they would have been providing atleast 5 less cuts and likely would have been cheaper. It's also possible that they bidded on just mowing without including any clean-ups.

    There are really a lot of possible answers as to why someone else may have bid lower, but in my opinion, I don't think you are over-estimating on your cuts per season.

    Hope I was able to help.

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