Being Played?????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOturkey, Jun 24, 2013.

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    I'm going against the grain here. Did you talk to Mrs. C? It could be that she manipulated him into a cheap price by telling him she had a bunch of work she will need done soon. Just her saying that could have triggered him to cut her a cheap price. Maybe you should call Mrs. C. and have a talk with her. Explain that the young man that is doing the lot is someone close and that you don't appreciate her taking advantage of him. There's always two sides to the story.
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    Well, she may have "manipulated" him, but that doesn't mean he had to take the job. I declined one job years ago after mowing it one time, then finding out that another guy had been mowing it for more than I had charged. He ended up not going back, but I still didn't take the account until 2 years later when he went out of the business.

    I do plan to talk to Mrs. C, but am waiting for her to contact me to cancel service. As to how much she'll tell me, I don't have a clue. As for the price difference, this will save her a whopping $30 a year or so.
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    Waiting it out is good. Let her realize that the few bucks saved isn't worth the quality and consistency that you provide. I have a devilish side to me when somebody pulls this. I'd probably take his best account, and act like i didn't know it was his:)
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    I agree with all that has been said and feel you have already answered the questions in your head and really don't want advice. So here is my advice that you don't want, shut up, and don't talk to others about price or your business. If you do talk to others as in friends or competition I think you know the result now.
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    he's probably just desparate for work. we all are when we first go full time. its a very unsteady point of a business. i wouldnt make much of it. jsut dont give out your prices to him anymore. if he is smart he will see that as a sign that he took advantage and will learn from it. if not. he will screw up again and you cant feel bad at that time when you cut ties with him.

    just my thoughts
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    You should find out how Mrs.c says this went down. I have a neighbor that became my workout buddy and a good friendship developed; our families go out to the movies together etc. There is a guy that I have known for years that mows for a living, when I started up he looked worried, and I told him not to worry that I would not go after any of his accounts. He got a stone in the eye and could not cut my neighbors property so sent his brother to do it. They were not happy! They asked me to do it I said No, and explained why. They told me about the eye injury, so I said ok, I will do it. I went in cut, edged, trimmed, and blew off their sidewalks patio etc. They were amazed at how fast and thorough we were, and said that they wanted me to do it from then on. I said I couldn't do it and they said we are the ones paying, and it was their decision. I now have the account and apologized to the other guy. He only has a push mower, homelite trimmer, and a rake! I guess I am bad then.
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    I can see why they'd do what they did after you gouged that poor lady, in all honesty did it really take that much longer, you couldn't have raised your blades just a little so it would have taken you the same time as usual, how would you feel if your car mechanic charged you $200 extra for tires because you waited until one or more was dang near racing slicks and not because it truly costs an extra $200 but just to teach you 'the cheapo' a lesson, hell you even said you expected her to drop you so now you're surprised?

    And that's just the TIP of the iceberg I wanted to unload but I can see you've had enough grass cutting for a bit.
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    I disagree. I charge extra for non weekly misinterpreted usually. if I'm goin g to take time away from better clients. that time should be well worth it.
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    They may have been the ones paying, but do they own you? You still could have declined to work for them. If they hired someone else, that is their right.
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    Actually, he isn't. Mowing isn't a full time gig for him, as he is self-employed in another line of work as well.

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