Being rich sucks!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Premo Services, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Premo Services

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    I was referred by one of my customers to her neighbor last year in the fall. She wanted me to do a cleanup, after all the leaves were down, and most were matted in the grass that the other company left when he quit cutting at the end of september.

    I talked to her and she wanted to get the lawn cleaned up real good. I said I can do that. She also told me to bid on her lawn mowing. She said that she was dissapointed in her current cutter, he hardly ever trims and only cleans clippings off with the mower.:eek: I bid the cutting of lawn and she said I was 10 dollars higher than he was. Well I told her that her lawn was a big area and she was not satisified with the scrub, he was not charging enough. She wanted me to start cutting in the spring. I said why don't he do the cleanup? She told me that he does not do leaves. Must be nice!!!
    I gave her a bid for the cleanup and she was startled, but asked why it would be that much charge. I told her the lawn has not been cut since september and all the leaves are matted, and that is the price.

    Now the good part.. I call her today and say I will be in the hood tommorrow and is she ready for the spring cleanup. She tells me that she has been all week cleaning the leaves and sweetgumballs up. I say good, it is time to start cutting yopur lawn. There is silence for a couple minutes, and then some nervous laugh. She tells me that the other guy has agreed to a lower price and he will be cutting her lawn. I say whatever and I thought you were unhappy about him not trimming, she tells me that he said he will try to trim more often. I say good riddings. She deserves to have her lawn look bad all the time to save 5 or ten dollars..
    I really needed to vent.
    Hope everyones spring is going well.....
  2. jajwrigh

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    My spring has been going very well so far.....
  3. STAN1366

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    Maybe you need to tell this guy that since he's seen the light and will be "trying to trim more often", has agreed to a lower price and now does leaves, that he's screwed himself. He does more work for less money? What a joke. Sometimes, the more money people have the more they think they need to save.
  4. mbricker

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    You're better off without the cheap old bat. Once in a while I get a call like that--"Mrs. X, my good friend, gave me your number, and she says you do a real good job on her lawn." I say thanks, and yes, I've been taking care of Mrs. X' lawn for 5 years. So she asks me to come over and give her an estimate, because "the guy that cuts my lawn now just rushes through it, and never trims all the grass sticking up against the sidewalk, and always leaves grass all over my patio, and won't pick up any of the sticks but just runs over them with his mower. Etc, etc."

    So I walk over the lawn and tell her $35 each time, and she says, "Well, you'll have to do it for $25, because that's what I'm paying now."

    !!!EXCUSE ME?!!!
  5. Norm Al

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    EVERYBODY is cheap,,,,yes even you! IF anybody in here was paying for lawn service you would be a shopping the price little muther, trying to get the best deal you could!

    i NEVER blame other people for doing what i do! if you dont believe me quit shopping at lowes, home depot, walmart sams and all the other discount places and start shopping only at the high end sales places! oh yeah and quit shopping for cheaper phone services!
  6. BRIMOW525

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    It blows my mind that people would rather haggle over 5- 10 bucks ratherr that hire a professional and have no agravation and be happy with the job. Would are the weirdos here?
  7. Trevors Lawn Care

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    my spring sucks so far.
  8. snippy

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    Sounds like my father in law, he's the most amazing penny pincher I ever heard of, his three considerations when purchasing any product or service are price,price and price!
    Quality has absolutely nothing to do with the equation and will not even be discussed!
    You should see some of the shoddy work he's had done around the place, ahh well what do you do?,
  9. Daneman

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    Why is it when customers go around our back to shop pricing on services we get really annoyed, but when we are buying new equipment we are pitting one dealer against the other dealer in town, and expect them to lower price, wheel and deal for our business, and we are thrifty and the customer is a PITA?
  10. Premo Services

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    I do go to walmart, home cheepo because these places ran the good stores out of business. I did not shop for cheaper phone services, I am using the service that I think has the best quality for my needs. CHEAPER is not or never better by any means....

    I don't care that they shop around for the best deal, but she sees the quality of work that I am doing for her four neighbors and wanted me to do it for the same price as the scrub that is doing hers for.
    On a side note, I was having a bad day and did the neighboring lawns to hers last. What do you know, her lawn was cut. Now for the good part, there were rows of the thick grass and leaves on every pass that he made. When I saw that it made my day.
    That is the point that I was trying to make, she is soooooooooooooooooooooo damb cheap that the lawn looks like !@#$#@!...... but she is saving 5 bux, and the most important thing is I have one less penny pinching PITA

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