Being sued for breaking glass door......

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2k1yzfr1, Aug 14, 2005.

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    About a week ago I was mowing a client that I picked up about 3 months ago and picked up a rock with a trimmer and shattered her side door. I have another client that ownes a glass company who I had go out there that day and take a look at it. Come to find out it is a "special made door" that has a mini blind inbetween 2 panes of glass, but he said he could fix it for me for around $450-500. I called the home owner who informed me that the whole insert from brick to brick was $3200ish, but thought she could have just the door replaced for around $1200. So I called the insurance company who handles my general liability and the women told me that there is a $500 deductible, and there isn't any problem. Anyways on Friday the homeowner called me and said, "thank goodness you have insurance because their homebuilder (come to find out is also a very good friend of theirs) said that it is going to cost $4065 to fix the door and that everything has to be replaced. I told her that I am turning it over to insuance and they will handle it from here. Later that day the insurance lady called back and told me that the adjuster met with the homeowner who was being a complete ass saying "it's non of your business who I got estimates from" and "can I follow you back to the office to get my check". Well the insurance lady called me around 4:30 on Friday and told me they aren't going to pay her $4065 to fix a piece of glass which I totally agree with them on and to not have anymore contact with the women. Well Friday around 5:30 I got a phone call from her saying if she doesn't have a check from them next week, then her lawyer will be contacting me. :rolleyes: What really pisses me off is that she was being nice and cooperative before she found out I have insurance saying she thinks it's going to be around $1000. Now that insurance is involved I think she wants a free 7 night trip somewhere! Has anyone had any run ins with insurance scam artist like this? If so how was the outcome?

    Here's a picture of the "special made" $4065 door.

    door and yard 004.jpg
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    This is why insurance costs so much, because people think insurance equals "free money".
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    I worked at a window and door company for 6 years b4 I started cutting and I still have really good relations with my fromer employer. I know for a fact that you can buy the surround (plastic thing around glass) with the glass and it would have been good as new. $4000 is way out of line. You can buy a house full of windows and doors for that price.
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    Take the manufactuer's name of the door and go to your nearest lumber company. It could be a Pella from the description you gave. Stanley doors are also very common. You do not have to take the complete door with frame and all out of the wall. That's stupid! As far as I know on most of those exterior doors you can just slide out the hinge pins and replace the damaged door with a new door at a fraction of the cost.
    Get your estimates and instruct your insurance accordingly. Dont allow that client and her handyman take you for a ride! They see you as a cashcow at this point and want to make a buck out of your insurance. That's fraudulant! They will go to court and sit in jail. I will not place that kind of burden on my insurance because it's gonna cost me on the long term.
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    So what is so special about that door? Nothing IMO...
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    Insurance is supposed to get the client back to what they had before the damgge occured, nothing more. I hate people like that.
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    I wish that were the case with auto insurance. They want to total a vehicle and you are expected to take a loss! :realmad:

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    I purchased 1 door just like that for 350, lowes, 84 lumber here wiithout paint and hardware 1k would be plenty.
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    I sware to you bought the exact same doors from Lowes, in columbus for $589.00, Pella sell them for $4K, It cost me 175.00 from local glass place to replace it when my dog ran into them and broke a pain of glass- Good luck -let insurance take care of it, Jerks everywhere-:) Blair

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