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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by slamjamrockinman, Jan 27, 2010.

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    forgetting something can cost someone elses life, at your expense. Sure you learn something, but is it worth it? To me, no.

    I agree with repairs. Some things i do on my own, but i laughed at for going to the dealer. People don't understand that i not only loose money doing it myself, but i get behind in work, customers get mad, and thats money i'll never get back. I would rather drop the truck off at the shop, hop in another one and continue working. I might break even at the end of the day, but everyone's happy, and thats one less headache on my part.
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    I fix everything myself. Trucks, dump truck, track loader, mowers, blowers... If I own it I fix it. Very very very rarely will I take something to a dealer. I either have to me in a huge time crunch or be at the end of my wits trying to figure out a problem. I have stayed up many nights working until the sun comes up to get a new axle under a truck of a new final in a dozer and be right back at it come morning. I bet I have saved over a hundred grand by doing it all myself. Money saved is money earned. I just got done pulling the transmission, drive shaft, exhaust, and starter out of the kodiak dump. All to change a 100 dollar ring gear. Starts sooooooooo smooth now and saved me 1800 bucks! Not to mention mechanics always f your stuff up and break a bolt off or snap this or that. Then you get a phone call.... "Uhh we are at a dead end because we snapped the bolt off and now we need a new transmission" I never seem to get that call when I do it all myself.
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    I can't even trust the dealer to change tires. They pulled the rear brake drums and called me, said the drums were too far gone to turn. AND I had a leaking axel seal. What the heck are you doing getting into my brakes? Need to make a boat payment?

    Told 'em to put it back, put the tires on and I'll handle any repairs. Got the truck home, pulled off the wheels & drums for my own inspection. Looked up the drum specs. online and measured them, get this...NO WEAR. Wasn't even a ridge at 100K miles. Those guys were gonna rip me off. The leak is normal weeping, about the size of a quarter wet spot in the dust, not some major seal blow out. That's all i need is some clown into my rear end for no reason.
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    We repair our own equipment however, there are times that you will need to sub out some of the work.
    For example last summer one of our Zturns started losing power, the machine was down for a month (waiting on parts, no time to repair, etc.).
    In hind sight we should have dropped the machine at the dealer paid the bill and been back in business in a few days.

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