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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by rpearlberg, May 13, 2012.

  1. rpearlberg

    rpearlberg LawnSite Member
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    What size belgian block is best for edging a border around a mailbox, regular or jumbo? What is the average cost of installation?

    Do use concrete? Dry mortar?

    I'm in CT.

    Also, can anyone recommend a masonry company in the area? I may try to do some of the easier projects myself....
  2. jmc10288

    jmc10288 LawnSite Member
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    The type of block you use really comes down to preference I hate the jumbo block I think it only looks good as curve I have seen that in some nice areas here on long island you don't use mortar at all for Belgian block all cement and it is a two step process u make almost a footer and fill it with moist cement you barely use any water of course mix with the proper amount of fine sand lay the block with the proper spacing for the joint but don't fill the joint after the next day or whenever you are done laying the stone you do the joints the finish says is it all I warn you the joints on Belgian block take time and skill the first time I did Belgian block it took over two minuets for each joint good luck and questions just pm me
  3. rpearlberg

    rpearlberg LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info! I've had a few quotes to install a paver patio in our backyard, but I'm trying to do Belgian block around our mailbox, lightpost, and other areas of our yard. I'd like to save some money and do it myself if possible. I went to Home Depot but didn't really love the block that they had, so I may try a couple of landscape supply/stone places. Any other suggestions/recommendations? If I was to hire someone for this, what should I expect to pay? Is it per linear foot?
  4. jbailey52

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    Get multiple quotes. Hire the lowest bidder, as well as the guy who can start tomorrow. Deff a good idea.
  5. rpearlberg

    rpearlberg LawnSite Member
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    Yeah, great idea.
  6. alldayrj

    alldayrj LawnSite Gold Member
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    I charge per foot. more if it is a street curb (heavier footing/backing - I also use jumbos here)
    everything said about the jointing I agree with.
  7. Moneypit

    Moneypit LawnSite Member
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    Price could vary anywhere from $7 to $12 per foot. I would also go with regular size but thats up to you.
    jmc10288s post was kinda tough to follow since all of the punctuation keys on his keyboard must be broken, but I think he said not to joint the same day as installation which is not true.
    You want to lay your stones in a few inches of concrete just wet enough so the stones wont sink after you set them. Then create a haunch on the back of the stones with the same concrete.
    Good Luck.
  8. rpearlberg

    rpearlberg LawnSite Member
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    I just picked up regular size block at a local stone supply yard. I plan to install about 30 blocks, how many bags of quikrete will I need? I'm going to set them in concrete and then backfill a little concrete before I cover with with soil and mulch....
  9. alldayrj

    alldayrj LawnSite Gold Member
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    Should need about 3 bags of portland and a yard of concrete sand.
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  10. rpearlberg

    rpearlberg LawnSite Member
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    stupid question...what is the sand for?

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