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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RLS2005, Sep 28, 2005.

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    I have done belgium block edging only once before when I worked for someone else. I guess that I just wanted to see exactly how people install it. When I did it before, all I did was dig and edge a little bigger than the block itself, tamp it down, use sand to level it out and then just place the blocks...and fill in with sand in between all the blocks. I know that some people use something in between to connect the blocks. Do you have to do that? I am basically going to be using just for edging beds. My cost per block is $2.97 ($3.15 w/tax), I know that I have to include extra topsoil and sand which I dont see being that much more. I need to do approximately 112' (using 10"-12" blocks need approx 135 pieces). For my cost I am coming up with -$425.23 for blocks only....then I would have to guess no more than $75 for sand and topsoil. Which would bring me to around $500. My next question is...I did a search on pricing and I saw anywhere from $11-$28 per foot. Even at only $11 per foot I would be charging $1232. Am I figuring this out right? It seems pretty expensive. I mean dont get me wrong, I mght actually end up charging $15 per foot. I just wanted to make sure my train of thought was right, as far as pricing and installation. Am I missing something? Or is there just that much profit in this type of job? Any help and info on installation and pricing would be very helpful...thanks in advance.

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    Any feedback at all??
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    you are missing a big something... MORTAR

    They make a special tool to create the curved mortar joints that should be installed in between each block. They should also be mortared to a bed of concrete to prevent frost heave. It is a time consuming process, hence the expensive prive per foot.
    It also seems to me you are paying a lot for material. I installed a bunh of this when I worked on long island. We could buy them for a buck a block. I'd check around.
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    There is a wide range of methods of installing these. There is a wide range of size and shape of cobble blocks. There is a wide range of how well a cobble border is laid out. There is a wide range of how nicely flowing the edge comes out. There is a wide range of how nicely the top of the edging flows.

    That is why there is a wide range of pricing on this type of work.

    Now you have to figure out where YOUR materials, YOUR methods, YOUR craftsmanship, and YOUR market fall into that range.

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