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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by KTNC, Apr 1, 2006.

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    I just read on a previous thread the importance of periodically removing the belts to grease w/out load... I have an 01 Lazer 25/60 which incurs about 50 hrs a year (200 hrs on it now)

    Could Exmark go into detail the best way to remove/re-install the deck and mule drive belt to accomplish this maintenance...
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    Hello KTNC,
    Could you give our Service Dept. a call at 402-223-6375. They thought it would be easier to explain it over the phone than by typing the directions out.
    Thanks Brian
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    Also, don't forget the tensioner on the serpentine belt driving the pumps. It is located under the seat, under the rubber flap, off the front of the motor. It should also be greased when it is not loaded. To do this one, I put a 9/16" wrench on the bolt head holding the idler pulley on. Swing the wrench to pull the pully back (pulling against the spring), slip the belt off, then ease the wrench back to allow the pully to go to a non-tension position. Grease the idler and work it back and forth by hand a bit, then do the reverse of the above to put the belt back on.

    Hope this helps,


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