Belt cracks on Great Dane

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EarthWorks, Apr 4, 2000.

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    I have a Great Dane Chariot 52" with 25 hp Kohler. The main belt from the engine to the deck seems to develop cracks quickly. Eventually the belt frays and snaps. The mower only has 170 hrs on it. This will be the third belt that we will put on it. Of course the dealer says no warranty on belts. Has anyone else had a problem or can anyone give advice on what is causing this.
  2. Try using a different brand of belt.<br>Take one of the v-belts to an industrial<br>supply house and buy a belt from them.<p>Or its possible the pulleys are not aligned<br>properly. Also try applying belt dressing on<br>a regular basis.
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    Hello:<p>Another thing that might help is make sure that the belt is made out of Kevlar. Which it probably is, because most O.E.M. belts contain Kevlar in them, thus producing a very tuff belt.<p>That's why most O.E.M. belts cost so much is it containing the Kevlar.<p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page
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    I have a Great Dane 52' Surfer which I recently had to replace the same belt on which only had around 200 hours on it. I bought a red Rotary brand kevlar belt and was told by my guy that it will last a lot longer. I know this much, I have had to readjust the tightness twice already in only 3 yards I've mowed so it takes a few days to get it properly stretched out I guess. If this keeps up though I will be going back to my old rubber belts.
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    I had a pre-mature belt failure on my Chariot Jr also...I think it was around 300 hours. It it didn't snap though. It just started slipping. Turns out that the belt idler arm on the deck had frozen up. Moisture and dirt got inside the bushing and it just got to where it would not move in order to keep the correct tension on the belt. GD made a mistake by not putting a grease fitting in the idler so it can be greased. My dealer drilled a hole in the idler and installed a grease fitting so I can keep it lubed. At only 170 hours yours shouldn't have the same porblem though. You may be getting some slippage that's causing pre-mature belt failure. Might be worth checking into. My Chariot didn't come with a Kevlar I was told by my dealer. My replacement belt and my spare has Kevlar in them though. Expensive but worth it. I now have over 550 hours and am still running on my second belt.
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    Mine had 600 hours with the origional belt, make sure you have it adjusted correctly.
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    I have a 61" 25 Hp chariot with right around 800 hours on it. The only belt I have replaced is the one that goes from the engine to the pumps and that was just done Monday. What height are you mowing at? The design of these mowers would put the belt in an awkward position if mowing very high on really low. Most of my mowing is done between 3 and 3 1/2 inches.
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    :blob3: when you have a belt cracking it is usually telling you it is stressed from excess heat. make sure you engage belts at 1/2-3/4 engine speed and the same when you disengage, belts will fail quickly if this is not done. t
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    What type of belt came on the mower. Was it just a back wolven standard V belt? Those do not stand up to back bending around the flat idler tightner pulleys on a mower. Either get a Kevlar belt of which Gates is good or get the BX series Goodyear belt. I would recommend the BX goodyear as it is a center wolvin-inside cogged and will outlast anything. Please understand that if your belt needs to be a 50" belt, the Gates Kevlar will read #6950 - the 50 meaning 50" 'B' belt, and the Goodyear will be a BX47 as most companies belt codes are 3 numbers less than the inches of the belt. In other words, both belts mentioned above are B47 belts by most standards. Thanks, Brad

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