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belt drive? or direct drive?


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I was wondering which in you opinon is better? What are the ups and downs of each? Thanks
What are you going to use the pressure washer for?

You'll get a lot more GPMs (higher PSI) from a belt-drive but for most usages, a direct drive will suffice (plus no belts to change). If you go with a direct drive, look for a ceramic plunger type.


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Boston, MA
Sorry if this is a newbie question, I've just been researching PW over the last few days and want to make the right decision.

What makes the belt drive models better of the direct drive? Is it just the higher GPM and PSI? Or, will you get more life out of one versus the other? Initially, you would think DD is better (if you match the same GPM/PSI), but I trying to figure out what I am missing.


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The pump on a belt drive unit is not worked as hard and it is located further away from the heat of the motor.


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Lexington, KY
Belt driven pumps rotate at lower rpms and don't vibrate as bad as a direct drive. Cooler and longer lasting. More times than not, a belt driven machine usually has a better quality pump mounted than the cheaper direct drive machines.