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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy852, Jan 17, 2010.

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    So I took the machines out for their monthly start up and run around the driveway, and putting them back, I got to thinking about the best way to store my belt drive. I thought I might leave it with the brakes fully engaged, and that would leave the stress off the belts, but then thought that might change the tension on the springs, making them less springy and looser which might have poor effects later on. The inverse I also thought was true, that I didnt want the pressure of the springs on the same point on the belt all winter, as that might cause premature wear in the dry cold conditions...

    I eventually decided to just disengage the springs from the tensioner adjustment bolt, so there isnt pressure on either one. I also thought about taking the belts off, and storing them separately. I have heard of people doing that for deck belts and such. So I was wondering if anyone else has ever dealt with this, and noticed any differences. Maybe Im being too cautious, who knows?
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    Yeah, you're being too cautious. I don't think either way makes much of a difference. My belt rides around all summer long on my trailer with the brakes locked on and then spends all winter sitting with the brakes off in my garage. The drive belts are going to last the longest of any belt on your mower anyway. Springs usually break before they stretch out.
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    It doesnt matter. those drive belts are super tough and wont stretch out too easily. even if the springs loose tension over many years, they are what, under $5. to replace?! Better to worry about how youve winterized the fuel system.
  4. lawnboy852

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    Thats what I figured, The engine should be fine, added stabil, ran it through for a while making sure it got around. Also new oil and filter etc.

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