Belt drive Toro tearing up turf


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Nashville, TN
I am just starting in the lawn care business. I have a Toro belt drive 40" with t-bar and velki. I have been tearing plugs in a couple of my lawns when making sharp turns to the next line. I usually drive it in 3rd gear (out of 5). Is it me, the mower, or just how belt drives work?

BTW the mower is brand new.


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Central Indiana
Your speed is fine! Try wider turns and keep the wheels moving! If this doesnt work, the do a search on "K" turns. There is a ton of great advice on this site and alot of these guys can explain this technique better than I!!!
Practice makes perfect!!!!


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Chattanooga, TN
I think it may be simply a matter of your getting use to the machine that you're working with ... once you get use to it the problem will most likely disappear.