Belt Drive + Velke Question

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LALawnboy, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. LALawnboy

    LALawnboy LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ok guys, here's the deal...I just recently bought a Velke Pro 1 for my 36" WB. Setup was simple and easy, but I'm having one problem. I'm used to sometimes chaining up sulkies when I load the mower on my trailer and the Velke hangs up nicely. However, with bumps in the road, I can see the Velke swinging side to side. This wouldn't be a problem with a hydro because there's nothing sticking out the back of the mower. However, I've got a belt drive and therefore have the gear shifter sticking out the back. The Velke doesn't hit it when it's simply hanging up, but if it starts its pendulum movement, it will contact the shifter. Is this any cause of concern? If so, I know I could just spin the Velke around in the reverse position on the floor of the trailer but I like being able to chain it up to save floor space. Any help with this?
  2. MikeKle

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    It could cause damage to the tranny if it constantly is hitting and moving the knee shifter. I had one on my metro 48" but never could chain it up, had to remove it if I wanted to walk.
  3. Tommy T41

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    Why not secure it with a bungee cord, just a thought?
  4. unkownfl

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    Run the chain in a V from both handle bars, then hook it up in the lowest link it won't move as much.
  5. topsites

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    I NEVER hang my velke, it stays grounded at all times.

    Just had to learn to back it up like the truck and trailer, all I did.
  6. brianslawncare

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    i use a strap like a ratchet but without the ratchet(cam buckel). i loop it around both handles and both rubber coated hooks are on each side of the sulky so it doesnt swing. works great and it doesnt swing and no chain to be rubbing and scratching.
  7. towtruck212

    towtruck212 LawnSite Member
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    I have three walkbehinds back to back to back and the one all the way up front the velke comes off the next one comes off and the last one gets kicked backwards. Ive tried to chain them up and their was just to much damage that way so they come off.
  8. exmarkguy123

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    I have a jungle wheels sulky behind my turf tracer. It works great if you use the chain in a V shape with a hook in the middle. Even when on uneven ground the sulky doesn't move much.

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