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Belt driven Bunton 52

new lawn

LawnSite Member
One of my Bunton mowers has this problem I cant seem to get rid of. It's obviously a walk-behind and one side seems to be ok as far as pulling it's own weight but, the other side(my right side) is awful. I have changed belts $50.00 a side-Ouch! and no better! The other thing is it never feels like it has the strength of my other walk-behinds as far as going up inclines. I don't know what else to do! Some days it doesn't even have enought to get up the trailer. What am I not thinking to do here?


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Check the tire pressure.

Kent Lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
The spring which pull the idler pulley down into the belt should be inspected/replaced.

$50.00/belt? That's price gouging regardless of where you purchased it.


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Flint, Michigan
New lawn,
Your problem is probably your wheel drive belt adjustment. Is it PROPERLY adjusted with 1/4" gap in the lock switch? And if you are getting full contact, do this- I've said this before a few times and I'll say it again. Go down to your local automotive supply store, and buy a can of belt dressing (about 3 bucks). It doesn't take very much. Spray about 1/2" of each side (Inner and outer) of belt and go. It will spread itself and HOLD ON! The mower will be more responsive than it EVER has been before. Let me know how it works for you.