Belt driven or Direct drive pressure washer?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DaddyRabbit, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. DaddyRabbit

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    I need help guys in buying a new pressure washer. I am torn between two pressure washers:

    Both look to be very good units being powered by Honda w/the General pump and the $$ seems to be in line. I guess it might even be more practical calling "the man" to come and wash my home two times a yr. I need to know the pro's and con's of belt drive vs direct drive. Please help! :confused:
  2. Lawnworks

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    I have a direct drive honda w/ general pump. It works fine for the occasional job, spraying equipment, etc. I would not get a belt drive unless you use a pressure washer every week.
  3. mverick

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    I own 3. 2 direct drive and 1 belt.

    Cambel hausfield 2200psi has stripped a pool while using chemicals. But it took a long time.

    Troy bilt 3000psi which is ok. Like the Cambel better.

    Northern Tool 5000psi belt drive. It will blow the paint off ya car. Belt drive. It's what I use for large comercial jobs. .

    Belt drive transfers less vibrations to the pump head. Also more smooth power delivery. Belt is used for commercial.

    I used them all but the Belt is the way to go. Got the directs cheap is the only reason I bought them.

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