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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rbig, Sep 1, 2004.

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    I may be chasing the Holy Grail, but here goes anyway.....

    I'm looking for an online database or chart which enables me to enter an eqpt mfr v belt p/n (such as Murray, Scag, lesco, etc), and get several v belt numbers by different makers (Gates, Goodyear, Dayco, etc.

    Chasing down v belts when an eqpt dealer isn't in your area gets pretty interesting.

    Knowing a Gates, NAPA, Dayco, Goodyear or other equivalent v belt p/n gives me a much better chance of finding one in the absence of the dealer.
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    Be careful when getting aftermarket belts. they are usally an all around type belt, where they may not fit the pully exactly causing early wear, most aftermarket belts are made to within a +/- spec of a 1/2 " which can make a big difference in how they fit and perform, There are aftermarkets brands that do have (oem) spec belts ,try to get them if you can, I use (oem belts)have had problems with aftermarket types, and most oem belts are actually cheaper than aftermarket belts (at least at my shop they are) if your going to use aftermarket I would recommend (stens brand) they seem to be ok for the most part
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    Right you are. The one spot I won't substitue is on those long deck drive belts. I found an el cheapo that would fit fine. But, I went through about 4 of them in a couple of days.

    Still looking for an online database or chart for substitution
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    The JDV site is very good. It at least gives us many of the commercial and garden tractor OEM p/ns to use, and then gives us a JDV p/n and price. That's good.

    The Dayco site doesn't seem to have any capability for other than automotive v belts.

    I've emailed 'em and asked 'em if it's there and I'm just not finding it.

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