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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BODIDDLY, Jul 28, 2004.


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    i have a 61 bunton rider.the belt that goes from the clutch to the blades keeps falling off.ive bought a new belt,idler arm and spring.thanks in
  2. jim dailey

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    Either there is too much belt slack, or something is out of line or damaged. Could a v-pulley be damaged enough to shed the belt? Get an eyeball on the level of the pullies. Maybe one has moved out of line with the others. If the old belt had been on for a long time, the tension will be different for the newer one. That will have to be adjusted. A belt can DROP off from lack of tension, or it can be THROWN off from too much tension.
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    Is this a electric PTO or a manual PTO? On a manual PTO the belt goes slack when released and it will jump off if any of the belt guile are missing or bent. Even a lot of electric PTO set ups used belt guiles. And check the pullies as jim dailey says.

    BODIDDLY LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the partner mess with the washers under the pulley and got it to work for now.

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