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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by riches139, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Tharrell

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    Are these replacement belts from other sources kevlar reinforced?
  2. ArchZangel

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    Improper installation, improper adjustment, incorrect replacement parts and ignorant/sneaky engineering is what kills belts. I work for a dixie dealer. Those machines rely on belts more than others do. Most of the time I see belts fail is because of those reasons mentioned above.

    "I don't think Scag ever made any changes, but you might want to check with the distributor in case they did, and don't let them give you any crap about this being something he never heard of, it has been happening for years."

    I just love when I call tech for any reason and they act like they never heard of a specific problem before.?! They're tech, they hear that stuff all day long!
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    I fully agree, I also find there is no universal setting that works for everybody. On *my* mower, the transmission belt has to be about as tight as an alternator belt on a car but the blade-belt, if it's loose it lasts longer EXCEPT when it slaps around excessively - It is a trick, it frustrates me to no end but once you do get it right, the next 3-4 sometimes 6 months are true pleasure. Then one day a belt comes off (especially that 48" deck belt) and in that moment of slipping it back on you forget to slide it OVER that little guide and it ends up on the wrong side of the guide and you engage it and voila: smoking belt. man i really hate that :)

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