Belt replacement on turf tracer?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 2k1yzfr1, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. 2k1yzfr1

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    What all is involved in replacing all the belts on a turf tracer? I glanced under it today while changing the oil and didn't look near as simple as the belt drives. :confused:
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    Go into exmarks web site, you can e-mail their tech department, & they will send you service bulletin with all instructions. That's what I did for my tthps, worked out great.
  3. sawman65

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    do you have a turff tracer or the hp model?
  4. 2k1yzfr1

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    TTHP......I'll email exmark and see what they say.
  5. brownsallseasonlandscape

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    Hey don't worry about exmark I just finished 11 hydro's. Here's the deal step by step the easiest way plan at least a half day.

    Step 1:Un-hook the parking break on the right side(when looking at the back of the mower).

    Step 2:Un-bolt the skid plate two bolts in the back two in the front.

    Step 3:Disconnect the PTO brake it is the U-shaped band in front of the bottom smooth pulley.

    Step 4:Un-loop The deck drive belt.

    Step 5:Un-bolt the PTO Engagement spring on the left side and remove it.

    Step 6:Un-bolt the pivot point of the PTO pulleys (left side) this bolt holds a smooth shaft that goes all the way to the engine deck(be careful there is a thin washer just below the shaft(black) but above the mounting flange(red).) Removing this will allow you to remove the short PTO belt.

    Step 7:Un-bolt the idler pulley for the hydro belt and remove completely.

    Step 8:Loosen the bolt to the far left that is the pivot point for your PTO Lever this will allow you to slide the belt passed the left hydro pump.

    Step 9:This is a convenient time to change your hydro filter if you desire

    Step 10:Reverse the steps and grease the to fittings and happy hand washing(a pair of mechanics gloves are a good idea.:dizzy:)
  6. jrc lawncare

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    Here ya go dawg.....[​IMG]
  7. topsites

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    First off I run them until they're done, but DO get a replacement before it goes too far.
    Likely there's just an inner and an outer belt, the outer one is easy.

    The inner one simply has to get wedged in between the outer belt and the pulley, then pull it through and voila.

    I ain't never removed an outer belt to replace the inner, you might have to loosen it but I usually don't.

    Here in this below picture, the black belt is the outer belt, the one you'd think has to be removed to get to the inner red belt.
    Instead, wedge one side of the red belt between the outer belt and the pulley, squeeze it in there until it doesn't fall back out then get your fingers out of the way and push it through by activating the pulley... Works real good in most cases you can simply pull the recoil rope to turn the pulley.
    Worst thing is if it pulls both ends through, then you have to do it again.

    It doesn't look like it would work but it does, because it wraps it around the pulley's axle and then you're set.
    Yes, you have to pull it through via the pulley that's going to be holding it.
    Works great, 5-10 maybe 20 minutes at most, I do it anywhere even in the field.

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    Or, if you'd like to be able to save it on your computer and print it out....

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