belt vs. direct drive pressure washer for homeowner

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by scottyk52, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Hello, i am looking to buy a pressure washer for my personal residence. I will probably be using this washer less than 6 times per year. I will be washing my vinyl siding home, composite deck, swingset/ childrens outdoor toys, and maybe my vehicles. So mainly this washer will just be used a few times each spring. I always try to buy heavy duty equiptment that i can't outgrow and gets the job done quickly. I am just not sure if i can justify paying for a 4 gpm belt drive machine for this little use. Could i get away with a direct drive machine?? or a machine with less gpm? i would like this to be my first and last pressure washer that i have to buy. The washer won't be used for longer than a 2-3 hour period. Thanks
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    I have a direct drive machine 3,000 psi at 4 gpm that I bought at home depot 11 years ago.

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