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Are the belts that turn your blades supposed to be shakey a little bit? I never noticed it until one of my workers went by me and I could see between the top of the deck and the footboard (on my lazer z) and I noticed that the belts kinda shook a little bit. Are they supposed to be really tight? thanks
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Thanks turkp15 for the input. I just went to J-Thomas Distributers website and ordered a free parts book. I had the same experience a month ago at the Bunton dealer. They charged me $68 for two drive belts for the blades.:confused:
I guess you could call it an "old cheapo". It has the old belt drive instead of the hydro. I can honestly say I have no complaints though. Guess I just got lucky. This is my first commercial mower and the only maintenance I've had to do this season is: change oil, 2 belts, grease spindles weekly, new air filter every other month, and a new set of gator blades. Can't complain too much after reading week after week about all the problems with these new "advanced" mowers that spend too much time in the shop. I've only lost one day in down-time this season.
One other thing phishook. I want you to check out the construction of the new Bunton (techtron) decks. That's why they can't keep up with Exmark and the others. I would be more apt to call the new Buntons the "cheapos".
I only have a WB which takes me about 20 minutes. Once I buy a large grease gun it will cut the time in half. Don't make the same mistake I made by buying the small grease gun with disposable tubes. What a waist of time.
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