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Are the belts that turn your blades supposed to be shakey a little bit? I never noticed it until one of my workers went by me and I could see between the top of the deck and the footboard (on my lazer z) and I noticed that the belts kinda shook a little bit. Are they supposed to be really tight? thanks
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A small bit of belt shake is nothing to be concerned about but the less the better. Shake can indicate a belt with a thin or a thick spot on it from manufacture, no big deal. But, if you have stalled the blades at some time you usually will burn a section of belt that will give up in the future. You can cause a lot of wear on components that move or shake every time the belt goes around a pulley.

Another factor is shake due to harmonics. No matter how well the belt is made at some rev range you will get a bigger vibration due to harmonics. Try not to use the machine at this setting.

The price of a belt mostly reflects how well it is made - there are several ways a belt is made and you pay accordingly, but look around for some of the non genuine belts that are made as well or better than the genuine (or best said 'branded') belt. A good dealer will have some obligation to the equipment maker to sell the branded article but will know some non genuine belt that will do the job.

Sometimes the genuine is dearer, better and cheaper in the long run.
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