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Are the belts that turn your blades supposed to be shakey a little bit? I never noticed it until one of my workers went by me and I could see between the top of the deck and the footboard (on my lazer z) and I noticed that the belts kinda shook a little bit. Are they supposed to be really tight? thanks
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No clue how many belts turn my blades. I believe there are 3 pully's though.
What do I grease it with? WD-40 or do I use my grease gun
how long does it take you guys to grease your machine, front to back? i'm talking everything that need to be greased?
How often do you all grease? I know there are hourly intervals by the manufacturer, but do you guys maybe do it more often or even less?
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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