Beneficial “Cocktail” Helps Reverse Damage on Imprelis-Injured Trees

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    A simple liquid solution of Growth Products’ Essential® Plus, Companion® Biological Fungicide, and Micrel Total® Chelated Micronutrient solution helps reverse the tree damage caused by Imprelis® (aminocyclopyrachlor) an other herbicides such as Sahara®.

    The trees commonly reported as showing damage caused by DuPont’s Imprelis are Norway spruce, white pines, willows and poplars. Because the herbicide does not bind with the soil, it can be quickly absorbed by these shallow-rooted trees. Initial signs of damage include withered needles or brown leaves on branch tips; serious damage or tree death can quickly follow.

    Doug Fenner, of Banner Sales and Consulting in [city, state], used the Essential, Companion and Micrel Total mixture to successfully treat trees damaged by the herbicide Sahara® in 2009. Recently, he decided to try the combination on Imprelis-damaged trees. The results have been gratifying, with even severely injured trees regaining their health.

    The mixture‘s high humic acid content carries a heavy molecular weight that binds the herbicide, preventing the herbicide from causing further damage. Along with other carbon-rich ingredients, the humic acid also adds organic matter to soils, which neutralizes herbicide residues. Other beneficial ingredients of the cocktail mix include Bacillus subtilis, kelp, L-amino acids, natural growth-promoting hormones, magnesium, calcium, iron and chelated micronutrients.

    For more information on how to help stressed or damaged trees, contact Growth Products at 800-648-7626 or visit

    About Growth Products, Ltd.:
    Growth Products, Ltd., founded in 1984, is an industry leader in providing technologically advanced and environmentally friendly fertilizers, biological fungicides, natural organics, and chelated micronutrients. Its innovative products have been extensively tested and are used in 27 countries world-wide.
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    How soon after the damage did you apply this "cocktail"?
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    Did it work?

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