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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Green Boys LawnCare, Dec 14, 2006.

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    I'm wanting to offer some benefits to my employees. I was wondering what kind of benefits you guys offer to employees. How much does it cost to offer some basic benefits? Is there a company out there with some type of package for small businesses, maybe even geared towards lawncare. Thanks of the help.
  2. Az Gardener

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    Employee benefits are one way to help guide your company culture. When you are hiring a person that values health insurance and a 401-K you are getting a different kind of employee than the one that is only interested in the most cash.

    I have health care for my employees through a state run program that is affordable. We found out about it through our Dr. Our whole family wife and 4 kids at home for 600 per mo. Most of my guys are around 100 per month. Most payroll services can to facilitate a 401-K program.

    I stock up a cooler with lunch and Gatorade/sodas for my guys every week. Saves me paying for drive time to fast food joints and saves my guys time and money.

    I also send them to industry related seminars and pay them for the day and pay for the class. I also have a paid vacations after a year of service.

    No one will do it for you, you just have to be creative and come up with things that will have value to your employees. Or create a benefits package that will attract the kind of employees you want. Your call.

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    In your package, include a list of holidays off (paid or unpaid) and any other extras like providing lunches and drinks or a turkey at Thanksgiving, etc. How quickly the employee forgets about ALL of their benefits to working for you when its hot and busy in the summer.
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    Paid holidays. For health insurance we allow each employee a stipend to be applied to an idividual health plan of their choice. Take them all out for dinner once in awhile or have a company sponsored get together for the employees and their families.
  5. prostriper

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    Check with local Landscape and Land Management organizations in your area. Many of them offer group discounts on health insurances. I know the one in Michigan has a few BCBS plans for its members to pick from. You may find that this will be at a lower price then what you can get on your own.
  6. bullethead

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    Consider setting up a SIMPLE plan (it will benefit both yourself and the employees that participate), you don't have the Form 5500 filing requirements that you do with a 401k.
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    Beware of association "discounts." Very few of them are really discounted. You'll often see "special rates" for lawn companies. These special rates are usually the same price as paid if you bought it through an actual agent, except you don't get the same service from the association.

    I know this because when I'm not cutting grass, I'm here in the office selling health insurance and benefits to lawn companies! I actually went to school for a degree in Finance (from MSU) and started cutting lawns on the side for some extra cash during college. I still run the lawn business today, but am also an independent financial planner located in Michigan. Probably about 80% of my clients are business owners in the green industry. Feel free to contact me if you ever have questions!

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