Benefits of a Stand-on unit

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jbh0724, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. yardguy28

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    stand on units are just as fast as your standard sit down ztr, some are faster.

    the benefits for me in choosing a stand on unit over a sit down unit was that for one thing i'm standing all day. i'd much rather stand. i can remove myself from the unit quicker should i need to pick up an object in the way or in case of emergency.

    i can also maneuver under low hanging limbs and things like that by moving my body, getting the mower into places a sit down won't go.

    the size of the unit is another benefit. they take up less space than a sit down. so you can either have a smaller trailer or just have more room on your trailer.

    this post is of course my opinion and what i personally think. i'm sure others will have other ideas. sit downs aren't for everyone and neither are stand ons.
  2. Jbh0724

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    How does a stand-on unit perform on slopes?
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  3. jrs.landscaping

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    Our Walkers go around 8 mph. Standers are nice in tight spots and take up A LOT less trailer space.
  4. yardguy28

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    the slopes I have are no match for my toro grandstand.
  5. Agreed
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  6. hurrikanelandscaping

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    If the speed of your current walker is too slow buy the speed up kit for walker.

    I would get as a second mower the Walker Super B, they are really really fast, are available with mulch and side discharge decks, and are much less expensive than the walker with the GHS.
  7. Kenn3

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    Hi everyone first post I've been reading here for a while and just got around to registering.
    Im switching to a stand ups been running JD 60" ztracks for years but the abuse to my back has caused me some back problems. Speed isn't always a good thing when it comes at the expense of the operator down the road.
  8. weeble67

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    I have an Exmark Lazer and a Toro Grandstand. I'm a firm believer in the stander. I am not as sore after using the Grandstand. You are already upright when it comes time to exit your mower to remove your object. Inclines are not scary and I don't do any damage when spinning around in a lawn. If I had it to do over I would have 2 standers and zero sit downs units.
  9. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    Yeah I was a little hesitate on the stand on mowers but I demoed a scag Vride and I LOVED it. Like someone said u can get under trees better. Less space on the trailer, I had the 48" and it goes I think 8mph so I'm am pretty much sold on the Vride
  10. calvinslawnservices

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    Is the hill stabilty any good on the Vride?
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