Benefits of Becoming an AOLP Distributor Member

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    To All LawnSite Members who are Distributors of Outdoor Lighting Products; here are the Top Ten Reasons why you should consider becoming an Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) Distributor Member.

    1) Personal relationships with the Top Manufacturers and Contractors in the Industry.

    2) Educational opportunities to stay at the forefront of Technical, Product and Code developments.

    3) Participate in and sponsor AOLP Conference activities and sessions.

    4) Market, Advertise and Communicate directly to the AOLP membership.

    5) Invitation to participate in the New Member Welcome Package Program.

    6) Access to the Association's Logo for Advertising purposes.

    7) Membership Forum...Learn and contribute to the conversations about our industry.

    8) AOLP Website link to your Site.

    9) AOLP "Light Lines" Newsletter advertising programs.

    10) Access to AOLP Membership Database.

    We could have listed many other benefits but we wanted to leave something for you to discover on your own. So Join Today and start discovering all the great benefits you have been missing.

    Contact the office @ (888) 845-8542 or go to the website at for more information and membership applications.

    Join now...and we hope to see you in Orlando at the 2012 AOLP Conference and Expo.
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    I know that I only purchase through AOLP member distributors. I also use AOLP member products! I also get asked quite often if there is a contractor in an area that I can't serve, maybe in another state, and I always recommend an AOLP contractor member in their area.
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    Where is the "Like" button on this forum??:laugh:

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