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DanThe Grass Man61

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Cleveland ,Ohio
I'm sure most of you guys know how much benifits are if your working for yourselfs,I work at UPS in the mornings 2 hours a day 4:30 to 6:30 am, and get full benifits, FOR FREE ,It's a great deal and I highly recomend it to anyone trying to make it in the Lawn Care biz, they have all kinds of shifts and they only hire part time, I also would suggest trying to get into an air hub ,some days we only work an hour, My wife was paying $330 a month for our family benifits , we dropped that,with the money we save there and the money I make at UPS were saving almost $700 a month.
Just a suggestion


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I know alot of people that deff. wanted to work at UPS, and some got on and loved it. Always figure it would be a good job. For the longest, most people I know, didn't consider the hourly wage nearly as important as the benefits at whatever job. Sounds like your a happy man. Got to be happy at what you do, or to me it's not worth doing.

Kelly's Landscaping

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Milford CT
Well not quite for free you are waking up at that ungodly hour. If you can do it great but I have a hard enough time getting up for 8am that time is sending shivers up my spine. What time are you going to bed in order to make that work time. I know in my business I am sometimes still working at 10 pm on some estimate or paper work that wouldnt leave much time to sleep.


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When I first started lawn care, I tried the part time job thing. Ended up my biz suffered a bit, ie. lack of time, too tired, pushed making phone calls/paperwork aside, etc. What works for me is to pick up a few extra jobs during the course of the season to make up for the pay/benefits of a part time job. This way, I only concentrate on my business.