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    We have have had about five storms that I have had to do a full days (night) work. It has been a light season, but our heaviest months are Feb.-March. I have been working on projects in my spare time. I glad we are finaly past all the holidays and I can get a few things done. We would like at least 5 storms a month but I will try to keep busy with as much as I can so we will be ready for the mowing season. I have a lot of things I need to do to my new truck before I can use it for mowing.

    Let it snow!!!!!!
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    Thanks man! Im only able to upgrade this much because im 19 now and i still live at home and i have a scholarship to my school. So its in my best interest to keep puttin $$ into the business so that i wont need anything when i do move out and have to pay for a house and food etc.
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    Hey atleast youve had snow :laugh::laugh::laugh: I would like atleast 2-3 heavy storms then it would make my decision with my trailer a lot easyer! Atleast i got most of my driveways back from last year except the PIA people wich is ok with me. Yes i hear you with that im glad that the holidays have passed and all the comotion with it. What truck did you get?
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    It sounds like you're on the right track as far as investing in the business which is good thinking.

    Congrats on having scholarship to school,that takes hard work.Thumbs Up
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    Thank you. Not many people agree with that but i think it works out to do it now while i dont have much overhead.

    Not many 19yrolds out there today would think that way hahaha IMO ofcourse.

    Yes it did take a lot to get the scholarship. I have a presidential scholarship so i go to school(2yr im at a community college) for free because of my grades in highschool. I will admit its tough to keep the grades up during the fall but im glad i pulled off a 3.0 GPA! and workd all fall bymyself did like close to 30 clean ups. Sorry to be braging here.

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    I bought that old '85 Ford F-150 4x4 super cab flat-bed. It has a I-6, flat-bed and a Western Plow.

    I had to put some money into the carb. to get it to pass emissions and I'll have to get the wiring figured out for my trailer, plus all the things I want to do to make it work friendly for our trade.

    I made a set of ramps for loading equipment into it as I mainly use snow blowers to clear my accounts and the trunk sits so much taller. I made them heavy-duty enough to run a ATV up. I love this trunk. getting around town in our last storm was great as it was so slick out everyone was getting stuck.

    After we use this truck through the winter and find all the things that may need to be addressed we will be selling my 2002 F-150 XLT super-cab (2-wheel drive). It will be nice to have a trunk that the business is sully responsible for and all the proceeds can go back into our home budget.

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