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  1. regularguy

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    Does anyone have any comments concerning the Bensumec product from PBI/Gordon? I thought about using this product in the spring to control crabgrass. Any information would be useful. Thanks
  2. dougaustreim

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    I would check on that. Unless it has a new formulation, that is a pretty old product. Look at Barricade or Dimension, newer chemistry, much more reliable.

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  3. betasan, bensulide, bensumec (sp)?is a great product for crabgrass control, and is one of the least root prunners of all pre emerge for grassy weeds. pre emerge for poa anna also
  4. Greens Keeper

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    Smell it first. I applied that product for a company and I'll tell you it about made me puke. That was along time ago before all the new ones. I own my own company now and all I use is dimention. Liquid or dry I have not found one better.

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