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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by EJK2352, Jul 11, 2002.

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    I have a 60" UltraCut deck that is bent. Terry Eckert was at our dealers service school this spring and he said a dealer made up a jig to straighten them. I have straightend a couple of the older trivantage decks with a sledge hammer,then added the large reinforcement rings like the Ultracut has. I am having trouble sledging the UltraCut straight. I don't want to buy a new deck if I can help it. I wanted to know if Exmark sells a jig to straighten them??? Help!!! :( :( :( ED
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    Did I say that? I probably said these things were indestructible and could leap tall buildings or something like that.

    Give me a call at 800-667-5296 and let me know who your dealer is. If he doesn't have at straightening jig I know his distributor will have one that he can borrow. A sledgehammer will work but it's kinda like sticking your head in an old school bell and pulling the rope. The straightening fixture generally works faster, better and quieter.

    I'd really recommend that you have the dealer straighten it. Once you’re certain the deck is straight we can have your dealer do a couple of extra steps to make the deck even stronger than it was before it got tweaked.


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    I have seen 4 decks at my dealer's that were also bent and I was wondering if this a problem that exmark is addressing, I only ask because I think that you have a great mower but the reason that I didn't buy one was because of the deck bending. I ran a exmark for a couple of days and I was very interested in buying one but the deck seemed a little thin (I could hear things bouncing against the deck louder than with my scag's deck). I would assume that you guys are looking into this because you know how to beef up the deck beyond how it comes stock from the factory. I think that you have a great product but the deck is keeping me away.
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    There are too schools of thought on beefing up components. One is stronger is always better, the other is everything has the potential to break but design it so it can be repaired.

    I don't know if the engineers are looking to strengthen the deck much beyond what we currently have. We get very few complaints about the UltraCut decks bending and when we do the complaint isn't that it bent. Most often if an UltraCut deck is bent the operator knows why. It even happens to the best operators. The big complaint comes from guys like EJK who know how to straighten a deck and have straightened a good many over the years but can't straighten this one. That's one of the reasons we’ve designed the deck-straightening fixture. We're getting real close to a point where the decks may be too strong. I personally like a deck that can be straightened for a couple of hours of labor vs. one that can't be straightened and must be replaced for $800 - $1000. The plug weld will stiffen the deck up even more, possibly to a point if it gets tweaked again it can't be straightened. That’s why we prefer the dealer straighten the deck. He’s probably straightened more than the average owner operator and will know if it needs to be reinforced or not. He can always add the plug welds later if he needs to.

    My personal opinion is that we probably don't want them much stronger but I’m not the one who makes those decisions. We’ll take a serious look at the deck construction this year just as we always do. After all if the deck isn’t doing its job the rest of the machine isn’t going to do it’s either.



    PS, My error the fixture is not available as a part but you can get the drawing to make your own form you Exmark dealer.

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