Bent backflow valve

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Geoff A, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. Geoff A

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    Boy did I mess up. Took a wrench (actually a vice) to the RPZ, bent the end of the ball valve! Is it even possible to fix something like this? Do I write the entire thing off as a loss? I don't even think Watts sells replacement ball valves for the 009M2.


    it looks like the internals are messed up, but it's actually only the bronze that's squeezed

  2. maintenanceguy

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    Here's what I'd try before I scrapped the thing:

    Thread a piece of black iron pipe but cut the threads further than you are supposed to. Instead of 1" of thread, cut an inch and a half or even 2 inches. I'd even cut the threads again setting my cutting die a bit deeper the second time to end up with a thread that's tapered to a smaller diameter than usual, small enough to start to thread into the deformed brass threads.

    With a lot of lubricating oil, I'd thread this new "reshaping tool" you just made into the RPZ and keep turning it until you reshape the brass to round again.

    With enough Teflon tape it might even be watertight afterwards.

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