Bent bucket Cylinder on Kubota BH90

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by waltero, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. waltero

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    I have a Kubota 3130 that is about 2 months old now. I am doing alot of work around my house. I have a FEL, Backhoe, Box Blade, Pallet Forks and York Rake. I am very happy with this tractor except for the backhoe. I bent the cylinder while trying to remove a large stump, I kind of realize what I did, I was trying to pry the root out and I used the bucket as a lever. Today I bent the cylinder again, I knock over a 20 ft tree with the FEL and I was just trying to pull the tree to a spot that I could grap it with the FEL\Pallet forks to move it and it bent the bucket cylinder on the backhoe . I am wondering am I just trying to do too much with this machine or is this a fluke to happen twice. I bought the machine to work but when it breaks it down time and $$$. The dealer fixed it last time at cost on the parts(265.00), but this time I am just getting a whole new cylinder(500.00) and I may fix the old one to prevent down time??? Let me know if this happens alot or just to me???
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    i have a L3830 and my employer has a L3710. he has had his bucket recontructed twice. the welder told him that the machine has too much horse power for the loader and kubota may do this on purpose. if some thing was to break on the machine you would rather it be the bucket instead of something in the machines "guts". it sort of makes sense, i would rather pay for a new bucket or the cost to rebuild it instead of something in the powertrain of the machine. oh, my boss does abuse his tractor to the point it is hard to watch, so that might have something to do with it.
    good luck
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    Thats odd about the cylinder bending under its own pressure. I would think the hydraulic system would stall before destroying itself. Ive got an L3130 but opted for the BL4690 backhoe with its own hydraulic pump. It will stall before bending or breaking anything. I suppose through momentum, such as swinging and stopping and so forth, I could bust something but not through hydaulics only. I wonder if your hydraulic system relief valve is set too high. Your tractor is still new at only a couple months, see if the dealer can check the system pressure for you. You can probably put an inline regulator on that cylinder to reduce the pressure to it to keep it from happening in the future. If that doesnt work, I can be a good guy and trade you backhoes. :)
  4. logorhea

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    I've snapped a few pistons over the years. When you say "bent the cylinder" do you mean the eye on the end or the piston or cylinder? Anything but the eye, IMHO, means the cylinder is too small for the machine, even if the relief valve sticks, as the system pressure is not that much higher than the relief setting (okay, okay, maybe 50%, but that still shouldn't bend a piston, just blow seals and hoses.)

    Maybe Kubota got a bad batch of cylinders. You can get replacement cylinders by doing a web search. I just bought a non-Kubota but brand-name hydraulic control valve for an L4610 at 40% of dealer price. There's absolutely nothing but good measurement and proper torquing involved in swapping a cylinder.

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