Bent Scag Velocity plus deck

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dbroken64, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. dbroken64

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    Have you guys heard of the deck being bent easily? The deck looks like it is built like a tank but the dealer tells me my deck was bent. I have owned this wildcat for 3 yrs and never remember hitting anything hard enough to bend the deck. They worked on it and re leveled my deck and it cuts fine now but the bent issue bothers me.
  2. SS Lawn Care

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    Sorry so late. My deck has been cutting really bad lately on my Scag Tiger Cub 61. By bad, I mean that the left and center blades cut about 1/4" or more lower than the right side blade. Even between the left and center blade there is a slightly higher strip left between them. Spindle bolts, blades, and spacers are all new, and deck is leveled to the best of my ability. The deck still thoroughly cuts and discharges, just at various heights along a cutting path. I briefly asked our local Scag dealer service manager about it, and he mentioned it could be a worn out spindle or two, or it could be that the deck is bent. He said it has happened before and it is not obvious to see while on the mower. I wonder how much that costs to repair? Is it more common on the larger decks like the 61" vs. 48"
  3. dbroken64

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    This post was a long time ago and I still own that same Wildcat . I have rebuilt the deck due to worn metal. I have a issue with the deck now cutting slightly lower on the discharge spindle. Not as noticeable on higher cut settings
  4. Oldtimer

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    Remove the deck

    Remove the blades

    Cut 5 or 6 blocks of 6x6 to support the deck

    Insert steel or pvc pipe in the spindles as pointers to determine the bend


    Massage the deck with a BFH until the pointers are all vertical and equidistant from each other

    Reassemble the deck and go make some money.
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  5. DumasWalker

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    I have seen several 61v bent. And a couple 52v I have my own way to level it up if your in need still and have about $10
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  6. weeze

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    how do people bend decks?
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  7. DumasWalker

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    I havent. But worked on many at work bent. Full speed slam into a pine root or stumps. I actually think scag needs to renforce the top shell its only triplated around spindle area. The surounding shell is what is weak.
  8. weeze

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    you aren't supposed to run into roots and stumps especially going fast. go slow around trees and stuff.

    i never mow at full speed anyways. it's not possible to get a good cut doing that even with brand new blades. 8-9mph is the fastest you should ever go. maybe 10mph if the yard is super smooth.

    i think most people get into too much of a hurry and that's when mistakes happen.

    the front of the deck is reinforced anyways underneath so i don't think you could bend it if you hit something. if you bend that you are doing something wrong. :laugh:
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  9. sjessen

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    Interesting to read this about Scag decks and another thread citing spindle problems. The guys on LawnSite have touted Scag as being the toughest mowers with the best spindles. Looks like all brands have problems.
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  10. weeze

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    no mower is indestructible. they all have improvements that could be made. it's like an ongoing thing. most times when things break though it's because of operator error or lack of maintenance.

    i mean you can't run your mower off of a cliff or into a brick wall at full speed and expect it not to break. :laugh:
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