Bentgrass or Quack grass/Tenacity or Dimension?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JtC88, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Hello all,

    First I would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to post and share your experiences and expertise for the rest of us to read and educate ourselves on all levels.Thumbs Up
    Being a first year homeowner and trying to win the battle with a neglected lawn, I have learned and applied a tremendous amount of knowledge from this site.
    Two weeks ago I aerated, overseeded, and fertilized my lawn with Lesco products sold to me by my local JDL facility. As I'm waiting on my 3rd week to pass so I can mow I'm noticing a infestation of this ugly grass growing in alarming patches and twice as fast as my lawn. After all day of Googling and looking at pics I was almost positive that its Bent Grass, but now I'm starting to wonder if it's Quack grass? Since I also have a Nutsedge and crabgrass issue I was thinking Tenacity is the way to go? Just wanted to post some pics and get the professionals opinion on the whole thing.
    I'm thinking Tenacity now and in the Spring, or Tenacity now and Dimension in Spring, or both in Spring?

    Thanks ahead of time :)







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  3. Dave Stuart

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    K-31 tall fescue:

    Rolled in the bud
    Auricles stubby
    Membraneous ligule
    Sheath pinkish at base
    Prominent midvein on wide flat blade
    Bunch type growth habit

    No selective control in a cool season turf stand
    Non-selective control glyphosate ( targeted ) at the high end
    Tenacity will not control tall fescue
    After non -selective renovate with slit seeding 2 ways

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    Thanks for the responses.
    After I made this thread I did some more searching and realized that it was not what I thought it was and in fact is K31/TF. Looks like I'm going RU on this bad boy...just wondering if its to late in the season to kill and plant new seed? I think I wasted a lot of the 50/50 KBG/Ryegrass seed mix I put down during the overseed...because I know its not gonna grow anywhere near the TF clumps. WOW...I can see that this lawn project is gonna be never ending :wall
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    Spray the offending weed with RU and drop your seed in amongst the dead bodies now... and again after the ground freezes... you have a lot of dead spots of bare dirt, that you may want to seed and work in with a garden weasel... You can easily have a perfect lawn next Spring... :)
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    Thanks SmallAxe!
    I'm gonna mow during the week, then RU some big patches if th TF, rake and seed. As far as the bare spots in the photos...I was hoping that they would fill in when I aerated and overseeded 2 weeks ago, but I didnt aerate enough and should have taken the time to rake and loosen the bare spots before seeding. A few days after I overseeded I found out that my larger dead areas (not in the photos) was actually caused by Grubs. So my excessive thatch is probably gonna prevent most of my seed from taking since the aeration did not break it up like I was hoping it would. I did put down Dylox 6.2 for the grubs btw. Now if only I can shake this nasty cold I have so I can get out there and work...
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    my 2 cents. Why not kill the whole thing and slit seed it? Looks patchy with the Tall Fescue, you are overseeding with another turf species that my not blend well color wise even once the tall fescue is killed. If you had a nice homogenous stand of turf you could better manage the whole thing as a homeowner. (getting to the end where I fell comfortable putting in a new lawn) OR call a professional. Just my thoughts.
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    Thanks for the thought...but I'm kinda avoiding burnin 12,000 sqft of lawn and starting over. I agree about the patchy look,but there is still a good amount of good looking grass throughout the lawn. I figured after a couple years of good over-seeding,fertilizing,aeration and over all good lawn care that it will fill in and look pretty good (At least that's what I'm hoping for). I really considered hard about hiring a local lawn service to do it, but I like a challenge and really enjoy doing the yard work myself...just as long as I get results then I'll be happy :)
  9. Pythium

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    That is all that matters. Just figured the expense of killing vs gradual overhauling would be cheaper.
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  10. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    K31 TF.

    No selective herbicide will take it out. Trust me I have tried, waste of money.
    Either use round up on the clumps or round up the whole area and reseed/sod.
    Or dig the clumps out, backfill with some dirt, and seed.

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