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    I know some in the south and elsewhere have bentgrass as the grass of choice but up north its considered a weed in the lawns I maintain. Is there something that can be applied or someone can apply to kill only the bentgrass in amongst kentucky blue and fescues and ryes? It starts off slow and then invades everything. Only way so far that I have been able to control it is to kill it and start new. Any ideas? I want to start the season able to control it or at least tell the homeowners what to do.
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    They do have something called Tenacity manufactured by Syngenta. However it is only labeled for golf courses and sod farms. This stuff is supposed to be awesome. It might be another year or two before it becomes labeled for home lawns.
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    From my experience, it's almost impossible to fully eradicate it from a lawn. The only method that I know of, is to spray Round Up on the Bentgrass patches. It is also recommended to spay 6 inches or so beyond the outer edges of the infected areas. Once those areas die, you'll need to dig them up and reseed with matching desireable turf grasses.

    This is defintely not a job to do in the springtime unless you're going to use Siduron with the Starter Fertilizer or Drive to spray crabgrass as it germinates in the new seed.
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    Yea, I just did an estimate for a neighbor of one of my customers. His new lawn 5 years ago had bentgrass patches. He had big areas killed out with Roundup and reseeded. But now the bentgrass is back as bad as before. Maybe this Tenacity will help sometime in the future. I just told him to wait for the new chemistry to come out. Costly i suppose. And probably comes in a bottle far too big to treat small jobs.
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    It comes in a 1 gallon jug for $720-$740 I can't remember exactly. You don't need very much. If you broke the price down it comes to about $45 per acre. Which isn't really that much since it is supposed to be great on pre emergent crabgrass as well as some broadleaf weeds. Yeah I can't wait until the EPA approves it for home lawns.

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