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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Tom_E, May 10, 2004.

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    I am building a small building on a slope. There is an 18 inch fall across 16 feet. I want to put a berm at upper end of the slope near the building. There is also a fall 90 deg to the aforementioned fall. I am considersing putting the berm in at an angle so as to direct the water coming down slope away from the building, which would take advantage of the second mentioned slope. I would appreciate any info on how wide and how high to make the berm. How close to the building can it be placed. Also do I "press" the dirt down with the back hoe? My wife wants to plant flowers in the berm. Is that practical or must the berm be sodded ? Any and all help apperciated.
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    Your slope is apparently a little less than 10% but the downhill side of the berm of course would be more, and being more - as well as being fill dirt, your berm would more easily wash away. At still appears that water could run off of the downhill side of the berm and into your small building, at least to a point. The forces of nature will be your foe. If you put in a berm, yes - do compact it and cover it with a good durable ground cover. Some people bury rip rap.

    My suggestion, for whatever it's worth, would be to install a curtain or french drain. You could put it in at the same angle as you mentioned regarding the berm. Sounds like you already have a good direction to divert the runoff.
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    Thanks for the reply. It is currently raining and soon as it gets light I am going out to see the plimarary results of placing the dirt. I had hoped to get the roots and junk out of there before it rained. The french drain, does it go in at the base of the berm, on the uphill side ? Thanks very much for the reply. Tom
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    Blaze ( and CC)
    Blaze I appreciate the link. I have it bookmarked.I can see where it will be handy. I am trying to saty away from the french drain if I can. This ground is so hard and full of rocks. Plus you do not get very far down before you hit clay. I have mounded the dirt up with a back hoe and have had no chance to clean out the roots ect nor tamp it down. It is raining here as I write this, have had 3/10ths in the last hour and a half. I went out and checked what I had done and CC as you said the water is running off the hill ( naturally) hitting the berm which is angled down slope, and running down the base of it. When a bit more dirt is added to the lower end, the water will be clear of the building. Thanks again to both of you for the replys. Tom

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