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    Brief history: 2 years ago l had established Fescue in my customers lawn after having sprayed it all with some round up. Sure 'nuff the bermuda came back the following year in some spots. This year, as you would expect, the bermuda expanded itself and took over more parts of the fescue lawn.

    Mid August this year, I sprayed the lawn with Prosecute and "knowing" it is better than the round up, i just "knew" it would take care of the bermuda and i'd be ready to seed the lawn again shortly after maybe one more checkup spray to ensure total kill out. Well, after rechecking a few times, it still has green stolons and we're approaching October. My people told me that they're not going to do this every year, and i totally understand!

    What's the best thing to do here? Maybe leave the lawn dead over the winter and let the cold weather kill the stolons and sew in the spring? BTW, i'm sewing fescue and the new bluegrass that has been adapted to the transition zone. Thanks in advance for your advise.
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    If you have not already done a lawn site search on bermuda control I would recommend it, this topic has been covered before. IMO there is nothing harder to kill than bermuda, and by kill I mean 2-3 years after treatment it has not returned. I have had the same results you have had with round-up, it does not work 100% and that is what you need with bermuda. My best success comes from fertilizing and watering bermuda in august and when it is nice and happy spraying it with a combination of round-up (no better or worse than prosecutor) and fusilade. Keep watering at least 1-2 times a week after and them come back a few weeks later and re-spray anything that resembles green. Wait a few more weeks and seed. Most importantly, don't guarantee your customers it will work, I say that it is 50/50.
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    If you use Fusilade in September and then again in April/May you will have decent control of the Bermuda. You should expect to do this schedule for at least 2 years.

    One thing to note is that you will likely not see visible results from the Fall application. Don't be tempted to spray again as it is not necessary. The results of it will be noticed the following Spring during greenup.

    If your Fescue has good density, just skip the Roundup.
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    As mentioned, the topic has been covered so you can get more info doing a search. Bermuda grass is one of the toughest in my area. No luck with roundup, don't even bother it will come back next year even if you spray it once, wait a week, spray, wait a week spray, wait a week spray etc...

    I had good success with a combo of Fusilad .07-.14 oz per k combined with Ornamec 6-9 oz per k with a sticker. Spray, wait a week or so, then spray again. It will be tough on cool season grasses, especially during a dry period. I wait until the end of August / beginning of Sept to spray expecting some phyto browning of the good grass. A week after my second ap I power rake, aerate, and overseed.

    The following year you can expect some shoots to come back, however, significantly less than if you had just sprayed roundup. The key is to stay on top of it early and spray with a lower rate mixture of the Fusilad and Ornamec. Make sure the lawn stays irrigated. You may not get 100% control, but it will be under contol. Remember, with Fusilad, a little goes a long way. Unfortunately with Ornamec, a lot goes a little way.

    Good luck.
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    I don't want to act smart but maybe the customer should consider bermuda lawn. We had a customer that wanted us to keep St Augustine out of their bermuda and after 2 years of MSMA we gave up and the darn St Augustine took the yard.
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    Fusilade II and Ornamec Over the top have the same active ingredient. I would suggest using only Ornamec as Fuslilade II is not labeled for residential use.

    Best Regards
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    I haven't tried it yet but why not use some Scythe, if you're planning to reseed with fescue (or whatever). I wouldn't think the Round-up would translocate well right before the bermuda goes dormant. Here's what I recommend...timing might be different in other places...

    April to August... spray with Accliam + Turlfon + sticker

    August...spray with Round-up (glyphosate) + Ornamec

    Late August through September....spray with Scythe (w/ or w/o Round-up and Ornamec)

    I would assume that if you use anthing other than Acclaim and Turflon you are planning to reseed. Ornamec is just not selective enough. Or you could just scalp (mow down to the dirt) any patches of bermuda. Just remember that it will come back next year. See "April to August"
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    Lesco pointed out to me that Fusilade CANNOT be used in residential turf... It is illegal to use it.

    They recommend an aggressive Acclaim Extra + Turlfon Ester treatment every 30 days from May throught the fall. The good thing is I save the cost of a Barricade spray because no weeds can live through this treatment.

    This recommendation is from NC State University and the powerpoint presentation is attached.

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