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    First, I just wanted to thank everyone at Lawnsite for all the knowledge they share. I passed my Ornamental & Turf, and Industial weed control license test on the first attempt and could not have done it without reading thousands of post and replies in my off time. I really learned alot from Ric. I realize that I am very new and still learning. My question is about a common bermuda lawn that is 45,000 and has no irrigation. It has no prior fertilization. I took a soil sample the the results showed very low in phosporus and low in potash. I don't have the exact levels with me now, but I can post them if needed. The ph is 6.2. The test suggested that I apply 3lbs/k of 34-0-0 and 8 lbs/k of 0-20-20 in May and June. I feel like a need another N application with some slow release, but what I was in question about was the 8 lbs/k of 0-20-20. I know that the standard 0-20-20 around here has all MOP. Since my potash levels are this low, don't I need to use SOP because to the chlorine levels in that much MOP. I have read a lot of post that talk down MOP. I went to Lesco to buy some 0-0-50 SOP. The lesco website descibed it as standard particle size. After I drove over a hour to Lesco, the sales guy said that it had to be sprayed. I thought standard particle was spreadable. The Lesco guy said that chlorine wasn't a concern with MOP, MOP is just as good as SOP as well as cheaper, and that is what I should use. What does everyone else think. Also Lebonon turf doesn't sell straight fertilizer near me.
  2. Got to be careful with soil test recommendations, generally they give yoiu a recommendation, assuming you will apply their recommendation for several years, then re test.

    I would ask the lab, how much p and k is need to bring the soil level to adequate levels. I would then apply the needed nutrients, picking the fertilizer you want and the times. You must be careful when and how much you apply! To correct the p and k may take several applications!

    Next, you need to develop a fertilizer program for the turfgrass that is a maintenenace level!

    They are telling you to apply ~1 lbs of n, 1.6 lbs of p and k in may and june!june. You will need more than 2 lbs/m of n for your season, and USE SOP, tHEIR WAS A STUDY done at va tech, early 90's, and bermunda was fert in fall with mop, sop, and no additional k, first to green up in spring was sop, last to green up was mop, MOP, has the much higher salt inex, which I would be concerned with, applying 1 lbs of n, and 1.6 lbs of p and k at one time.
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    There are obviously a number of ways to attack the problem, but here is one that would be relatively simple. You can't generally fix nutrient deficiencies with one magic application.

    If you use MOP, the key is to not overapply in one app.

    You could apply 5 lbs/M of 19-19-19 in May and June. This would give you 81 lbs/Acre of K and P. That should get your P to a good level.

    Then in July and August, use a 1:1 N to K fertilizer such as 21-0-21 at 5 lbs/M, with a good portion of slow release N. By the end of the Summer you would have applied a total of 170 lbs/Acre of P.

    Then in Fall apply your last app with mostly SOP as Tim said.

    This is solely based on what they suggested you to apply, since you did not provide current nutrient levels. Opinions differ, but you should shoot for a level of 100 lbs/A of P (50 minimum) and 300 lbs/A of K (150 minimum).
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    The actual lab results:
    Phosphorus 11 lbs/ac
    Potassium 131 lbs/ac
    Magnesium 442 lbs/ac
    Zinc 2 lbs/ac
    Calcium 2379 lbs/ac
    I have been looking for SOP everwhere fertilizer is sold. Nobody seems to carry it around here. I finally found a Co-op that carried it. The bags said 0-0-60 and that it was derived from sulphate of potash. I was thinking that SOP should be 0-0-50, but the bag said derived from sulphate of potash, so I bought it. I applied 1lb/k. I called the fertilizer company that bagged the fertilizer and asked about buying in bulk direct from them. They said that they never sold or mixed anything with SOP and that the bags were miss labeled and that they were sorry. I wasted another 100 miles of driving and still don't have any SOP.

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