Bermuda, Fescue or What?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2Sam2233, Mar 11, 2002.

  1. 2Sam2233

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    Hey guys, I need some more of your infinite wisdom and experience. I have a yard to seed (new). I'm thinking of going with bermuda or fescue. The yard is flat in front approx 10k sqft. The back has a slope (drops about 1ft per 15ft) and covers approx. 25k sqft. Which grass would be best suited in this situation? The guy wants a nice looking yard for his family outings and etc. I am a little concerned with the slope in the back. Also this is not one of those deep pocket projects where any price is okay. There is a budget to be met. Please give your advice, and as always thanks in advance.:rolleyes:
  2. 65hoss

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    Your talking 2 different grasses for 2 different situations. Berumda will not tolerate shade. If its a shady lot, then fescue. If its a full sun lawn, then bermuda. The extreme heat of the south will make it real hard to grow fescue in the direct sun.

    Fescue needs to be done now. Bermuda needs to be done in May. Fescue seed is cheap. Bermuda seed is more expensive.
  3. awm

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    one thing u might consider adding to your mix is rye ,as it works fast
    and young rye holds soil well . then in the fall ,u can do whats necessary to get a good stand fot next yr.
  4. KirbysLawn

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    have you considered zoysia? go to, will tell you all about it and the others you seek, just look for the links.
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  6. TOSLC

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    I'm not sure about the south but we have excellent luck with fescue here in Indiana. I know it's not much help because the climates are completely different.
  7. HLC

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    65hoss hit the nail on the head. I also agree that Zoysia would do well but since you're on a budget that probably won't be an option. I know how the folks are up in Cullman. My old lady is from there. She also did a little landscape work when she lived there and was lucky to get minimum wage for her work there. Just lots of "old" money up there.
  8. Shawn Burns

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    Somthing else to think about, do they want it cut short or tall? Fescue dosen't like to be cut too short, and bermuda does better cut short( under 3").
  9. HOMER

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    I'd scratch the idea of even trying fescue unless you know it will grow up there year round. Why not centipede? That's gonna be the easiest grass to maintain and with a little TLC it makes the best yard in the south. Bermuda is too high maintenance, needs constant attention..........Have you tried to sell them on hydroseeding the lawn?

    I just think you'll waste your time and their money trying to seed fescue.

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